Wednesday, July 09, 2008

A Very Seinfeld Grand Rounds

TBTAM does an excellent job on Grand Rounds this week, noting that each submission relates to a Seinfeld episode. Excerpt:

Grand Rounds? Can someone please explain what that's about? I mean, is it Grand as in "large"? Or Grand is in "Isn't that grand?"

No one says "Isn't that grand?" anymore unless they're 95 and in a nursing home for retired stage actors. In which case they should definitely not be practicing medicine.

And why do they call it "Rounds"? Is everyone standing in a circle singing Row, Row, Row Your Boat? What's that got to do with medicine?

Or is it Rounds like a round of golf? D0 you guys keep score? "I shot a bogey on that appendectomy today. Lost a Titelist sponge somewhere behind the cecum."

Doesn't that make your nurse sort of like a caddy? "Nurse, hand me my 9 scalpel. Or do you think I should wedge it out?"

Grand Rounds. Now that I think if it, it sounds like some sort of Melba cracker you serve with cheese. "Would you like some Gruyere on a Grand Round? Oh do try it - It's Grand!"
Cut to Jerry's apartment, where his friend Dr Crippin, visiting from the UK, is ranting about how he is tired of the livers of his fellow citizens being given out to foreigners. Not an English citizen? NO LIVER FOR YOU!
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