Saturday, July 12, 2008

He Got It!!!

Four hours in line, with details along the way.  The power went out, the biology of it all got a bit uncomfortable (or so I'm told).  The fear that they might run was intense.  Oh, Roy will say I'm exaggerating, overly dramatic, catastrophic even.  After all, it's just a cell phone.  And apparently there were, indeed, lines.

Now where is Roy with his new iPhone?

I asked if takes pictures?  So far no answer.

I called, got the same old message.  Is Roy one person or does he now have two cellphones?  Does he have a new number?  Will I ever hear from him again, or is my Samsung slide (with no internet capability) no longer in his league?  Mine does have a camera.  I think I'll send Roy a picture of my feet.   I got my toes to smile.

I want to see it!  Is it bigger, better, more more more than last year's model?  Someone I work with has the old iPhone, can I introduce them, do side-by-side shopping?

Finally, while I'm rambling silliness on such a serious topic as the new iPhone, I want to take this opportunity to thank ClinkShrink for staying with Max and teenager the last few days so I could have a mini-vacation.  I'm recharged and so happy that everyone here is alive and well.  I am sorry that teenager ate the Reeses Puff cereal that Clink likes.


Sunny CA said...

Reese's Puffs? I thought they had to be a joke, fantasy-food until I Googled them and found they exist. I haven't eaten dried cereals since I switched to oatmeal 8 years ago.

This morning, Saturday there were seemingly hundreds of people lined up outside the Apple store a mile from my house here in SF Bay suburbia. Maybe "early adopters" "have to have" something like this regardless of cost, but I wonder what's going on when I was told by one purchaser today that this phone is half the cost of the last model. Doesn't the fact that Apple stands to make much, much more on the monthly service contract count in the cost?

Congratulations, Roy, in your successful quest! They ARE really cool toys, though I am sticking to my basic model Samsung which has nice big numbers and is easy to use.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if it will supply him oxygen till he reaches mars or will he need to re-fill at the space station on the way through? Isn't the saying... "an apple a day keeps the doctor away"?

Is that a good thing?

Sarebear said...
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Roy said...

So, yes, I did get it and am using it to type this now. A bit cumbersome. It is a pretty slick piece of gadgetry and so I decided to splurge (especially after I received a surprise $200 Apple gift card!) on a 16GB white model, but didn't get the Martian-ice-to-oxygen converter adapter, as I'm not THAT much of an early adopter.

To satisfy Dinah's need to know, I will do a post on the experience, complete with the well-publicized Apple/AT&T server fiasco. And then a podcast.