Friday, February 08, 2008

Scurrilous Lies

I checked my email this morning only to find a forwarded blog post that suggested I don't like chocolate. Lies! Scurrilous lies! I had to post to the blog immediately to stamp out this vicious rumor.

I was at the Chocolate Affair. I was there 45 minutes before Dinah. Dinah thinks I hardly ate any chocolate because she was late and doesn't know what I was doing while I was waiting for her. She should be glad I left some for her.

It was amazing. There was chocolate cocoa with peppermint marshmellows, flavored chocolate liquers, little tiny pancakes with elaborate chocolate toppings, chocolate truffles, chocolate cake, chocolate ice cream, chocolate flavored risotto....use your imagination and the reality was better.

I never knew it was possible to have a chocolate hangover. Trust me, it is. It's a combination of a lingering caffeine buzz with incipient chocolate cravings. This is why they only do this event once a year.

Of course, there's a certain amount of irony here. It was an elaborate affair and the creme de la creme of Baltimore society was there including our fair mayor who was "getting her chocolate on" as well as the chief state's attorney for Baltimore. There were fancy dresses and suits and spike heels and jewelry, all for the benefit of my patients. I kept thinking about my patients who wear baggy jeans and t-shirts with "DOC" stamped on them when they're released homeless. The mental culture clash was a bit jarring.

So that's the truth of the matter. I love chocolate. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

And Dinah looked fantastic in her tiara.


Anonymous said...

I did look lovely in my tiara except it crushed my curls.

Thrilled to know I now fit into the creme de la creme. I was looking for a niche.

And while there is some contrast (irony? not quite the right word here) to the guests versus the people they serve, I think this is great. Usually those with money patronize the arts, educational institutions, children's charities, or perhaps research for an illness that has touched someone they love. The homeless, often drug-addicted, often mentally ill--- well, they should just go out and $65 a head ($75 at the door) and getting the finest of restaurants to contribute, and having raffles, and all these things to raise money and awareness to provide health care and services for those scraping the bottom of the pot, well it's terrific. Lots of people-- well over a thousand, I'd guess.

Can't wait to wear my tiara and eat chocolate with the mayor next year, but I didn't like the pancake things at all. The chocolate risotta was surprisingly good.

Rach said...

Tiara, huh? wow... fancy shmancy!

I'm off to Israel for a couple months! I'll catch up with y'all when I'm back... But my blog's still up and running... If you're lucky (and I'm not tired), I'll post some fun medic stuff.