Thursday, February 07, 2008

Chocolate, Chocolate, and More Chocolate

This post is dedicated to Fat Doctor who is on a very low calorie all liquid diet. Bless her.

Tonight, we attended The Chocolate Affair at Raven's Stadium, a decadent, chocolate over-flowing fund-raising event for Baltimore's Health Care for the Homeless. My husband came willingly. Roy is on vacation (but promised to send a donation---don't forget, Roy!), and ClinkShrink resisted. I threatened her: Go or I tell everyone your Chocolate enthusiasm is a lie. I'll scream it on the blog. So Clink posted, but she didn't eat very much chocolate.

In case you're wondering, I ate lots and lots of chocolate. I tasted sweet potato ice cream. I ate truffle after truffle, chocolate fondue, brownie-type stuff, assorted real foods, too. Somehow, and I'm not sure how or why this can be, I'm not feeling sick. I guess I have a high chocolate tolerance.

Diet starts tomorrow....


Rach said...

That sounds like heaven at an event venue. mmmmm.
Clink doesn't like chocolate? I need to find a new candy with clink-like attributes then. This may take awhile...

Sarebear said...

Chocolate coins, wouldn't they clink? lol!!! But they're chocolate . . .!

I love chocolate covered gummy bears, but I hate it (ok, so it just annoys me) when it's just the whiteish/clearish ones - the ones who really do it right include the variety of gummy bear colors/flavors, and it's a surprise with each one which one you get. Plus, I first had these on our honeymoon (in Vegas, ha ha, there were gummy brains there too, the first time I ever saw them!).

Dinah, sounds like a marvelous event! Here's something to whet your lips (or is that wax them? You'll see what I mean, and I'm not talking depilation).

It's next to last. Although the last one makes me go ?

Anonymous said...

I cannot tell a lie - Wednesday night, after a patient rapid responded while I was in the middle of admitting him, I broke down and had some chocolate covered almonds and raisins. It was a good time, but I'm over it. Returned immediately to the chocolate milky substance that supports my life right now. :)