Saturday, July 07, 2007

Saad is Happy

A friend of Iraqi psychiatry resident, Saminkie, is pictured here. His name is Saad. But, as Saminkie notes, Saad is one of the few people in Iraq these days who dares to be happy. Hopefully soon, there can be many more happy people there. Some day. Soon.

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Anonymous said...

EEK, I am not sure where this came from. Iraq is very sad place right now and I only hope that the Iraqi people will some day be safe again.
Also, I read the review on Sicko and although I have not seen the movie I feel that I should comment. ALL of Michael Moore's movies are one sided. I love him just the same for being a muckraker. I do feel however that even though insurance companies carry alot of blame. It is in my opinion the pharmeceutical companies that have truly ruined our health care system.
I hope the trip was fun. Love abf