Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I Don't Talk Too Much

OK, for the record, DINAH TALKS MORE THAN I DO. Really. Ask her husband. Ask the kids. Ask the judge. Ask Max. Heck, Max talks more than I do. (But at least I don't back up to total strangers and expect to get my butt scratched. Max, you are a strange dog.) I happen to know that a lot of listeners have trouble telling our voices apart. Here's a rule of thumb: if you hear talking, it's Dinah.

Here are some cues that may be helpful:

Dinah is talking if you hear references to:

  • complaints about insurance (I don't take insurance)
  • discussions of television plots or episodes
  • prescribing Seroquel for hairy tongues
  • the Boston Red Sox
  • lost cell phones
Clink is talking if you hear:
  • a Canadian-like accent, eh?
  • a bad pun or two (or good puns, depending on how you look at it)
  • any references to obscure/boring legal cases, infamous crimes, human sacrifice or cannibalism. Well OK, anything really really weird.
  • geek humor, hex codes, computers, programming or Apple computers (now is the time for Zoe Brain to leap to my defense. We lady geeks need to stick together.)

OK, that being said on podcast #28 you will hear me talking the most. Finally. That's because all my three topics coincidentally got put off taping until the second one (we do two at once). Here's hoping this will help with any confusion.


Anonymous said...

Are we having a little problem here?

For the record: I've never used the words "hairy" and "tongue" together. That was you.

Also for the Record: Max doesn't talk. He's a dog. He barks, but he doesn't talk. I'm not sure why it troubles you that he wants his butt scratched.

You do talk too much. It's taken me years to say it. At this point, I'm concerned that you may be morphing into an extrovert.

If I start to pun, simply shoot me.

Gerbil said...

It took me about 14 podcasts to be able to tell your voices apart.

Even now, I'm still not entirely confident I know who's speaking when--that is, when it's not obvious from content. Usually my cue is Dinah's accent, which gives me the East Coast warm fuzzies.

Clink, you do have a bit of a Baltimore accent yourself--but it's Baltimore atop Upper Midwest, a very interesting combination. And I'm still trying to figure out how much NJ/PA Roy has in him :)

(If ever you have a special guest with a real, honest-to-goodness Philadelphia accent, I might die and go to suburban gerbil heaven. They don't say things like "Hey, youse guys! wanna wooder ice?" in northern California.)

Anonymous said...

Jeez, I thought it was just me (I have imaginary hearing issues...well, I'm 60% convinced they're imaginary...does that make me 40% delusional?)

I can tell whos who when you switch but rarely when you start talking out of the blue or if you're following Roy.

Jessica said...

hmmmm.... I always found it really easy to tell your voices apart, but then again I'm just weird. :P

NeoNurseChic said...

Gerbil - You need to hear my voice, then!! "wooder, raaadiator, tore-na-ment" and all the other good Philly words!


Anonymous said...

I'm still thinking about this. That's because I'm the quiet thoughtful type.

So your cell phone is perfect? And my TV viewing is limited to 3 shows: 24 on DVD (I'm in the middle of Season 3, so no plot spoilers please), The Sopranos (bye bye) and Lost (no more for now). I'm much too busy blogging to waste my life on TV. Sometimes I catch involuntary bits of what Max is watching (hence, I Hate House).

Your cell phone is perfect?

I don't take insurance, either. The difference is that some of my patients actually have it for me not to take.

Gerbil: bless you for listen to 14 rambling podcasts of us.

Carrie: 4 years living in Philly, it's just not that much different than B'more. I'm encased in that sexy New Jersey Accent.

Anonymous said...

Clink, you don't sound Cdn but you do know who Alice Munro is.

Roy said...

I can't tell them apart, either. Maybe if they'd SIT CLOSER TO THE MICROPHONE!

ClinkShrink said...

Hmmm...you've commented twice for a total of 212 words on a post that is 242 words long.

I rest my case.

The hairy tongue reference will be preserved on the Dinah soundboard.

Gerbil, when I go home they think I talk Southern.

Drytears, weird is good. Then again, I resemble that remark.

Anonymous, I know Alice Munro and a wonderful poem by W.H. Auden. Woof.

Roy, forgive us and thank you for your patience.

sophizo said...

Just for the record, I never said that you talking too much is bad. I actually like it. I'm also one of those girls into all the weird and geeky things. Your topics are always very interesting. I actually think you should talk more.

If you really want to convince us that Dinah is the big talker of the group, why don't you make one podcast "The Dinah Show" and have her talk the whole time? Then I would believe that she is a talker.

Here is another idea...for the next podcast, why doesn't Roy time how long everyone talks? Then you would have actual proof of who talks more. Or even time some random previous podcasts. I need data and proof that Dinah talks the most. I just don't believe it. ;-)

And so everyone knows...I think Dinah's and Clink's voices sound very different because of their accents. I don't see why people are having such a hard time telling them apart after so many podcasts. At the beginning was hard, but now it's very easy. If you can't tell them apart, you obviously haven't listened to enough podcasts. Ha!

Anonymous said...

I am still trying to figure out whar a "wooder" is!


Anonymous said...

Re Auden: Which one? "The Age of Anxiety", "Stop all the clocks..."?
Woof makes me think you must have read " The Dog Beneath The Skin". Is there a cure for that, like a pill?

Roy said...

In my neck of the woods, if you don't aks someone to turn off the wooder, the zinc would overflow.

Hey, I spent a few years in Pittsburgh, where "youse guys" would be "all yins". (It didn't rub off on me.)

Sophizo, I'll leave it to some bored listener with too much time on their hands to time us. I think we all speak equally long, on average.

NeoNurseChic said...

Anon - Well, I'll be less cryptic than Roy for you. "Wooder" is how us Philadelphians say "Water."

The thing is, my Philly accent is only thick when I'm around other Philly peeps. I've lived in so many different places that I think I have a conglomeration of accents really! I was born in Louisville, Kentucky (really pronounced "Lawlville"), and I had a very very thick southern accent when I was little. There's this Christmas video from our family where my brother puts a lampshade on his head, and I say, "Hey muther! Look ayut (at) thuh layamphayud!" (lamphead...) It's pretty funny...

Then I lived in St. Louis for 4 years - no real accent there, but they do use a few different words. There is no pop vs. soda debate there - they say "Soda Pop"! After that, I lived in a small town outside of Cleveland - not much of an accent there either, but again, some different words.

Philly/South Jersey has a very thick accent - and I've picked it up over the last 15 years I've lived here. But frankly, I think I'd pick up any accent whereever I am - Helen said by the time I left England, I sounded like a true brit. The other night, the guy I'm dating was over, and I kept calling Tony a "nutter", and he said, "Hey! Nutter is very British - I read it in this one book." I didn't even think of it as a Brit term - I guess I picked it up from listening to Helen talk!

Does that mean I have a malleable accent? haha Maybe I'll record a little podcast one of these days, and people can hear mhy thick Philly accent - I have to pretend I'm talking to my friends here! haha Think "Rocky" - "Yo Adrienne!" ;)

Since I've lived here longer than anywhere else in my life, I guess I consider myself as "from Philly" at this point - this area has rubbed off on me the most in terms of speaking - it is definitely a unique accent!

Carrie :)

Rach said...

Out of curiosity, why leave the next podcast til next sunday if you already have it ready to go (if you record two at the same time?)

Happy 5th of July, btw.

I still tell y'all apart by chocolate bars.

Anonymous said...

I haven't popped over here in ages as I've still been trying to get my brain back in order but this is a funny post.

So far (I think?) being the only Canadian commenter, I'm going to have to listen closely to Clink and see if I can detect any Canadian-ness (did I just make up a word?) Heh.

There are varying differences between provinces but they are slight--not as much as you will find across states in the US. The most being notable in the Eastern provinces of Canada.

Clink, you make me laugh. I'm geeky too. I just wrote a post last night on my avatar that is an anime character and I'm pretty sure that it won't garner any responses.

And yes, I'm a Mac user as well--at home at least.

But totally tangential (you might be interested anyway.) I actually had computer access when I was just recently in hospital. I went inpatient as my brain exploded (again) and they had this PC there for us to use. How cool is that?

But even cooler was another LAN connection in a meeting room. I grabbed my MacBook from home and blogged about my entire hospitalization! Yep, all the fun of going inpatient for everyone in the blogosphere (or entire internet) to witness/read about/learn from...

I also had my iPod, cellphone...what electronic device didn't I have while there?

Not many hospitals are like this due to all of the equipment etc... but this was strictly a psych facility--non medical.

So yes...truly geeky as I couldn't even stand to be away from my computer/blog while in hospital!


Anonymous said...

Addendum: I can tell Dinah and Clink apart, I believe. Dinah has a slightly higher tone or pitch to her voice. Can either of the two of you sing? That would do it for sure *wink*

Maybe you could sing your next Podcast? Heh.

And if you want to interview me, my last hospitalization was my 6th...does that qualify me as a "seasoned professional?"

Probably not a good idea as then every reader will want to be on a Podcast?

Dinah said...

Nice to see you again, Patient Anonymous.

I am totally tone deaf. No singing here.

Roy? Clink? I'll let you two shine.

ClinkShrink said...

Sophizo: Regarding "I actually think you should talk more." Bless you.

Anonymous: The W.H. Auden poem was an obscure one about a psychotic killer. It was perfect for me. I have not yet read "Dog Beneath The Skin" but it was just the reference to use in my short story Double Celling.

PatientAnonymous: Dinah can have the Retreat. I'm checking in to your hospital.

Rach said...

patient Anon, i'm a canadian mac commenter, eh. Only pure timbits for me (sour cream and chocolate glazed) please.

Roy said...

Have a look at this Psych Central article, "Do Woment Talk More Than Men," which says that women and men generally speak the same number of words each day. This supports my assertion that we all speak equally, over time.

That is not to say that we each speak equally loudly.

Anonymous said...

Dinah to Roy:
You think you roar?

Roy said...

I just posted an article on a study about how much women and men really talk.

Anonymous said...

patient anonymous:

There are a whole bunch of Canadians here. Of course, WE have no accent, unless we come from way out East. Nova Scotia is not much of an accent. I forgot the Quebec accent. One would certainly be able to pick up the French Canadian accent. One can also pick up the English speaking Montrealer accent.
The funniest part about having a Canadian accent is that when you go to certain parts of the States they ask if you are British and when you go to England, they assume you are American.

Anonymous said...

Oops I forgot--Clink, if that lovely poem happens to be "Victor" then you have spent far too much of your life in the prison system. You should read Double Billing instead; it's much lighter.
I feel like sending you a copy of Nick Cave's "Murder Ballads" or Art Garfunkel's version of "Down in the Willow Garden". For Roy, I would send a really bad mix tape of 80's music.(He seems to like that stuff) Da doo doo doo...
I would send Dinah a tub of Ben and Jerry's.

Anonymous said...

I feel like I have to leave a comment, here. There. Now I have left a comment. It's tempting to say more about all this. But...I think...no...


Anonymous said...

Hi anonymous and Rach, we're hijacking this into a Canadian party so I hope I don't get into trouble (again...) but nice to meet you.

Yes, very familiar with being perceived as someone from the US when traveling (keep that Canadian flag on your knapsack!)

I've never been perceived as a Brit. though--perhaps on my blog but my About page states that I'm a Canadian. I just *think* I'm from the UK and I have a *thing* for UK accents especially British. I'm obsessed. I'm a complete "nutter" but I refuse treatment from my "Trick Cyclist" for it.

"Sod it."

And Clink, you can come to our "Mental Health Palace," as one of my commenters referred to it, any time. It's massive. Some people even live there permanently.

Anonymous said...

patient anonymous: so long as you can tell your boot from your bonnet, everything is fine. Did you ever get hooked on that Eastenders show? It was once one my many addictions.

Gerbil said...

Carrie--your accent would be music to my homesick little ears!

Interestingly, I never had a Philly accent until I moved to California. Perhaps it's a reaction to hearing people say "hella" all the time. It's hella annoying, yo.

Anonymous said...

Clink is softer spoken and further away from the microphone on most podcasts than Dinah. Also, the mic should probably be closer to the ladies since Roy's voice carries further. I know that may not always be possible, but it would keep me from going deaf.

Roy said...

I'm always the furthest from the mic.
Here's our usual set-up (using our first initials)...

. . mic . .

D . . . . C

. . .R. . .

...with the girlies being 1-2 ft away, and me being 3-4 ft away.

ClinkShrink said...

Girlies?? Roy...Roy...you did that on purpose. Either that or you're channeling Dr. Crippin.

Anonymous said...

We got problems. It's gonna be bloody.
--Girly D