Thursday, July 05, 2007

It's Fun! It's Easy! It's Free!

Each week, for what it's worth, I'm emailed a 16-Google Analytic report. I never asked for it and something tells me this was a Roy inspired thing. I kind of like it, though, and I've taken to actually reading through it. There are two states from which we have no readers at all: New Mexico and Wyoming. Most weeks, we seem to have roughly 2,000 unique visitors and over 4,000 page views. I'm not sure they're not all me checking the blog from assorted computers, but hey.

So who are you? Who reads Shrink Rap?

Please, take our poll on the side bar! It's fun, really. We did it once before, but so many people didn't know who they were, or wanted to be more than one thing, and our most popular answer was "Other." Now, you can be it all, check off as many categories as describe you. Write in the Other box. So far we have 6 Others. Who are they? Here goes:

medical student
don't know her
lesbian housewife
I am co-blogger and am patient with Dinah.
Umm, I'm one of the 3 bloggers.
Other Mental Health Provider Student

So one third of the other respondents are my two co-bloggers. I assume Roy is the one who thinks he's patient with me, even though I've stopped putting Links in red after he complained it was too jarring. Even after I neither struck him nor screamed at him when he deceived me into believing Dr. Phil was on the phone during our podcast. I've let him repeatedly photograph my feet. Who's being patient with whom? Maybe that can be our next poll. And by the way, co-blooger friends, you could have checked off both "psychiatrist" and "friend of the bloggers" and been described.

So get out and vote! Tell us who you are. It's free, it's easy, it's anonymous-- you can vote without signing in, without registering, without committing to months of vitamins. You can do it if you've gotten here by accident, if you never ever plan to visit again. Your mother can vote. Your uncle can vote. Your psychiatrist can vote. Just go to the top of our sidebar and click!

Seriously, though, knowing who our audience is helps us target our posts. And, as always, we love getting comments and questions. And ClinkShrink does talk too much.


ClinkShrink said...


I'm feeling an urge to burn popcorn.

Word verification: pxamatl (an early Aztec antidepressant)

NeoNurseChic said...

I would have thought Clink was the one who said she was patient with you and that Roy was the one who put he was one of the 3 cobloggers. But I guess my perception radar was off! :-P

Speaking of voting, I've officially arranged for me to have the weekend prior to the American Idol Audition in Philly off. You have to go on the weekend to get your wristband and ticket (and you can bring one person with you to get a wristband and ticket - but so far, I don't know who I will bring since the guy I'm dating has his first day of work that day and I imagine my mom will be back to work! Maybe my best friend will still be off!), and then the audition day is Monday, August 27 - I think you have to start lining up at 5am and the audition starts at 8am.

I need to arrange some kind of vote on what song I should sing, what kind of outfit I should wear (what style? I'm not exactly a fashionista - maybe I'll show up in my scrubs! j/k!!!), and so on.

I know I went off topic there and hijacked a bit, but hey - it IS still about voting!!! And I DID vote in your poll!! For 2 categories: other health care professional (nurse...duh) and patient. Speaking of being a patient - my psychiatrist has officially finished his fellowship and this past Tuesday, I saw him at the new clinic. He is working at a behavioral health center in NJ - mostly doing inpatient (geriatric, I assume!) but with some outpatient stuff. He seems happy there. I get nervous - change is hard for me!! haha It's now a 45 minute drive, but at least I go past a Target Greatland on the way home...! I leave for vacation Saturday morning, so I stopped at the Target on the way home and bought all the junk I needed! lol At any rate - it's a VERY nice behavioral health center, and it's nice to see him outside the city, in a more relaxed environment.

I think I've rambled enough - only have a half working brain at the moment - tomorrow is my 3rd 12, and I had a rather hectic/traumatic day today....

Take care,
Carrie :)

Anonymous said...

So Carrie knows my buddies better than I do! I got an email from Roy telling me that Clink was the one who is patient with me.

Amazing how many people in my world are patient with me, especially since I talk too much.

Best wishes for every success at Idol!

NeoNurseChic said...

Dinah - Oh good, because if my perception radar is every broken, then all is lost!! Whenever I meet groups of people that I've known online (this happened at our clusterheadache convention a few years ago), everyone kept walking around saying, "Who are you the most surprised by?" And I kept saying, "nobody." Everyone was exactly as I thought they would be - even if that wasn't the person they portrayed on the message boards, I just knew that was who they were. I don't know if it's the 6th sense everyone is always talking about or what! haha (I'm kidding...)

It did come up in my psychiatry appt this last time, though! I told him that I had a list of things that I perceived about him to be true, even though I really have no idea whatsoever if they are true or not. He, of course, wanted to know what they were - but I was suddenly very nervous, even though I always trust my perceptions. Thing is, most people I perceive things about have revealed at least some things about themselves. He has revealed very little!! But I eventually listed 3 or 4 things.....with my face bright red the entire time and nervous as all heck. It led into a very interesting conversation! haha He thought it was a good step (that always cracks me up - don't ask me why...) that I was willing to say what I had imagined up about him. Maybe it's because I always refuse to say what I think about him when I'm away from the appts or how I might imagine him. I don't like to do that. But this time, I finally did it - and it wasn't too terrible! lol

Goodness - I need to go to bed. Must get up at 5am, slo I have to go to sleep now. I see the rambling is only getting worse the more I'm writing and awake!

Thanks for the luck for idol!!! :) If I make it, I hope to count you in on the votes... ;) :-P

G'nite! O:-)
Carrie :)

Anonymous said...

I would concur that clink doesn't talk as much as Dinah. Which is not to say that Dinah talks too much! Just more than clink!

In my pharmacy degree we had tutes where you were marked on participation. It was not just an arbitrary participation assessment, they wanted everyone to be talking for the same amount of time (which came to about 8.5 minutes each in a 2 hour session). I objected to this because it rewarded people based on quantity not quality. Sure I could talk for 8.5 minutes about a topic, but why bother when people are more likely to listen to the 2 minutes actually required?

I think I ticked four boxes in the poll. But we can only vote once! My definition of "other" changes frequently. Who am I? Can such a question be answered in such a tiny box?

I am a plasticine artist
I am an amateur dessert chef
I am not a walrus
I am really quite nice
I am a nerd
I am a technology-addict

So many things to choose from!

Misha said...

so good idea on the voting. How does one get these google reports on how many visitors you get? I may have to find a clink for my blog!

Anonymous said...

I don't think Dinah talks more, but she probably gesticulates a lot, not that there is anything wrong with that. I can't imagine Clink gesticulating as much.
As for your survey, it didn't record my "other" response which was to say that I am an onion. In addition to being an onion, I fall into the "other mental health professional" category depending on how you look at it. On the one hand I have my degrees in that field. On the other hand, I now work in a very different field.
Of course I also fall into the patient category. That is too much falling for me.
I really would like to know more about this business of Dinah letting Roy photograph her feet. Is this because he cannot aim a camera, is not a straight shooter, or because he has foot fetish? Maybe I don't want to know.

Anonymous said...

I'm a curious bystander. As one of those mad-author-types, I find psychiatry related blogs fairly interesting. So far, you all haven't disappointed. Would it pain Roy and Dinah if I said I love you all but Clink is my favorite? :p

How many other Wisconsinites are checking out Shrink Rap?