Sunday, July 08, 2007

Roy Issues A Challenge

The history of the vote: Roy wanted to know who reads Shrink Rap and he put up a poll. This was a while ago. In a month, there were 198 votes. I wondered who all the "other" votes were and, 8 days ago, resurrected the poll with multi-vote and write-in options, . Roy, who likes statistics and keeping track of things, wonders why there are already 104 votes. He wants us to place bets on how many Shrink Rap readers will vote in a month. The guesses:

Roy: 246
Clink: 186
Dinah: 275

We haven't discussed what the prize will be, though presumably the winner needs to be the closet vote that hasn't gone over. Or maybe just the closest? We're not much for rules here at Shrink Rap. No obscenities, that's about it. Lots of Ducks. Maybe the losers could prepare duck for me with my favorite sauce? Note my optimism!

Okay, so Vote on our sidebar, let us know who you are. Help me win Roy's challenge!

And for the curious, the OTHERS so far:

just got here thru a link in a news article about iphone crazy
democratic network engineer
frustrated late-teenager
clinical social
work student
college student
CASAC Student
Medical Student (starting
in August)
science writer
grad student
medical librarian
I am in nursing school, and I am also in
nursing student
medical student
medical student
don't know her
lesbian housewife
I am co-blogger and am patient with
Umm, I'm one of the 3 bloggers.
Other Mental Health Provider

FYI, ClinkShrink is apparently patient with me. This from someone who videotaped my dog yawning this weekend. And I can't resist:


Roy said...

Good grief. Dinah's stuffing the ballot box. I asked a simple question and now it's a post. This must mean she has writer's block or something.

Oh, I want to thank the frustrated late-teenager. It is comforting for me to know that after I pass on, I'll still be able to blog.

Anonymous said...

No writer's block.
Just stacking the ballots.
It's hit me that 286 is way too high. Oh well. How do you like your duck prepared?

ClinkShrink said...

Wow, thank you everybody for your support. I promise to share the prize.

Oh wait, there isn't one...

Dinah said...

Good Grief, I've been left in the dust!!