Sunday, May 13, 2007

My Three Shrinks Podcast 20: Mother Talkshoe

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We had to do something a little different this week. We three shrinks were all busy ... Mother's Day weekend, yard work, Longwood Gardens, and luaus kept us too busy to get together to do a podcast. I insisted that we find a way to do it online, so I FINALLY convinced Dinah that even she could do it ;-)

Ten o'clock last night, it all came together, and we were able to do a podcast, thanks to Talkshoe. (If you haven't checked out Talkshoe, do it. It lets you podcast by phone!) As luck would have it, a storm came through and turned the transformer down the street into a Fourth of July celebration. Despite being without power, we still managed to get it done. Is that dedication, or what?

So, here ya go. It is a little rough, as we weren't sure what we were doing (what else is new?), and recording it via cell phone caused occasional lags and silent periods... hmm, just like psychotherapy.

May 13, 2007: #20 Mother Talkshoe

Topics include:

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sophizo said...

All you needed was to google WPATH and it comes right up as the first link. And SOC is the "Standards of Care" that they publish. It brought up some interesting issues though.

Good podcast, as usual, even if it was done over the phone.

Roy said...

Yeah, as I was putting the show notes together I found that, plus most of the other related info on the Wikipedia page for Gender Identity Disorder. Too late to help us with the podcast. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Okay, so you pose an ethical toughie and people comment and then you say that there is no point talking about it since, in the real world, if a trolley car was coming down the track people would panic and not act based on thought or reason. I can buy that part, but even though that may be true, it is still worth the time to think about how you might act because it is worth thinking about whether or not there is a better choice. One may not be in a position to actually make that choice but is action A morally superior to action B if you did have your wits about you and could choose? It really comes down to a question of whether it is ever okay to sacrifice an individual for the greater good. Assuming some people would say that in some cases it is, does just anybody have the authority to make that decision? The trolley question was never really meant to be answered as though one was standing there and the trolley was actually coming so to say that there would be no time to think is a cop out.

Anon times four