Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Walk Like A Psychiatrist

Roy, oh Roy, too many 'roids, it's Roy unleashed....
So Roy wrote these lyrics on the comment section of ClinkShrink's Comet post, and I just can't resist clipping and pasting them. Please, sing loudly, very loudly, to the tune of Walk Like An Egyptian!
All the old inmates in their cells

They do the Haldol dance don't you know

If they move too quick (oh whey oh)

They're gettin' a dose of Inderal

All the bizarre men have a file

They got a gray mouse for a pet

Seroquel smiles (oh whey oh)

They trade their pills for a cigarette

Freudian types with the hookah pipes say

Ay oh whey oh, ay oh whey oh

Walk like a psychiatrist

The big COs like to take their keys

They spin around and they cross the floor

They've got your back (oh whey oh)

You're in the clink so they guard the door

All the prisoners like to see the doc

If they do not then they are pissed

When the buzzer rings (oh whey oh)

They're walking like a psychiatrist

All the guards in the dining room say

Ay oh whey oh, ay oh whey oh

Walk like a psychiatrist

Every day's the same front and back

Noises make you miss the sleep you lack

Life is hard you know (oh whey oh)

So block the lows with your Prozac

If you want to please all the cops

Then stop before work at the donut shop

They sing and dance (oh whey oh)

They're keepin' peace down in the cell block

All the inmates dealin' with their nerves

No overdosin', no cuttin' wrists

And the nurses know (oh whey oh)

They walk the line like psychiatrists

All the cops in the donut shop say

Ay oh whey oh, ay oh whey oh

Walk like a psychiatrist

Walk like a psychiatrist!
And the best part? Sanjaya will be performing it on American Idol next week.

[insert photoshopped pic of Egyptian-walking Freud here... anyone?]


ClinkShrink said...

Wait a minute, I thought we had three months left on Roy's lease!

Oh well, I suppose we can buy him cheaper now unleased.

Catchy lyrics, very catchy. Will you be singing this for the next podcast? (Ducking quickly for cover.)

Roy said...

No, that would be only if I were truly manic.

I'll wait for Carrie to sing it.

Midwife with a Knife said...

I'm sure y'all could slip him something to make him appropriately disinhibited to sing the song... maybe some sort of combo of alcohol, caffeine, and chocolate. Or maybe there could be more pharmacologic aproaches...

Dinah said...

A little amytal for Roy? Clink, bring the IV.

I thought we bought him outright. What's all that money I've been sending to the mortgage company for?

Sarebear said...

Yeah, that antidepressive methadone ought to do it (har har har!)

While I love the podcasts, I am also glad to see alot of posts since the last one; posts were becoming much, much fewer with the podcast schedule in full swing.

NeoNurseChic said...

Oh hilarious - but I can't sing it! Too funny....I really laughed at the end there with the Sanjaya comment (WTF was up with his hair yesterday????)....and I haven't laughed at anything lately, so this was a good start. :) I read this in the comments of the other post, but I didn't reply with a comment or anything - it's quite creative!

Can't those 'roids be inspiring? LMAO.... Don't get avascular necrosis of the nose or anything...! ;)

I can't remember the tune to the verses - that's why I can't sing it! lol.... ;)

Carrie :)

Roy said...

I think Dinah fixed her "unleased" typo. Here's my thought:

If I am "unleased", does that make me... "most"?

If any of you are actually crazy enough (I mean that in the best way) to actually do this and put it up on YouTube, let us know.

And I really AM hoping for an Egyptian-walking Freud to put up.

NeoNurseChic said...

If any of you are actually crazy enough...

Hahaha... (I know that was meant in the best way, but still - again made me laugh!)

Thanks for posting the Bangles version - now at least I can remember how the song goes! ;)

Take care,
Carrie :)

NeoNurseChic said...

Found the sheet music....might make ya a present later - or if not today, sometime soon! ;)

Anonymous said...

jokes about being manic. dating back even to an old post about the spring manics dancing earlier with the new time change. seroquel smiles? haldol was a bad experience requiring cogentin shot into the rear. glad you 3 all have so much fun. if i had a shrink like you i would.............