Monday, March 19, 2007

Giving up my day job!!

Woo-woo! We made ten bucks! Some kind, anonymous reader (I think it is the one who's been yankin' our chain lately... thanks, bud!) made a donation in our virtual tip jar for 10 bucks. I really didn't expect anything to come of this. (Excuse me but gotta go use my steroid nasal spray... allergy time.)

Some of you may have noticed that I added an Amazon Giving button at the bottom of our sidebar a few weeks ago. This is a nifty way for people to contribute to a website they like, even as little as a dollar.

Why do we -- three U.S.-trained, working physicians -- want to panhandle on the internet for pocket change? We can afford $5 per month for the bandwidth costs (Siteground: 900GB per month!! Best deal on the Net!), or a C-note for a microphone (insert affiliate link here). I wasn't really sure why I did it, but I think I figured it out. It's like putting money in the hat of a street performer.

But then I saw this interview on Rocketboom. The two guys who dreamed up lonelygirl15 -- one is an attorney (Greg Goodfried) and the other a surgeon (Miles Beckett) -- left their safe, professional, paying jobs so that they could devote all their time to, their new website where visitors can interact with Bree (lonelygirl15) and other not-real characters. For this they expect to eventually be able to cash in bigtime, with their 1.5 million views per week (hey! we get 1.5 thousand, so watch out Greg & Miles).

So I am now in-f'n-spired. I have handed in my resignation as Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry at Bigtime Medical Center so that I can devote all my time to That's right! In two weeks, I'll be unencumbered so that I can spend all my time devoted to improving our $ite for our loyal readers. So start clicking that button, folks. Every 108 minutes.

Oh, sure, Wife was surprised. Even a little upset (I think she's jealous). But then I showed her how just by clicking a button, millions of readers can contribute $1, $2, even $10 each. That really adds up. I could tell by the look on her face that I convinced her that this is the real deal. In fact, she's on the phone right now, even as I'm typing this, calling her attorney (probably to get advice on how to handle the coming tidal wave of cash).

Maybe I'll add some virtual shrinks for visitors to talk to. Like lonelyshrink42. Or Eliza. Or Max. We'll do a daily videocast, like Dr. Anonymous did (but talk faster, with shorter pauses).

This is gonna be big! Look at those visit counters spin.

What's that, Wife? Someone's here for me? Whoa, check that out! There's a car with flashing lights outside... probably my police escort to the bank or something. Man, word gets around fast!

Gotta go, folks. Thanks for the tips! (no, really, thank you) (better not forgot my steroid spray...this stuff is great!)


Dinah said...

I'll give you some money. Put the hat back on your head.

Sarebear said...

hee hee

Now that summer is on the horizon, Roy decided to go off the deep end.

How's the pool?

hee hee hee.

btw, any of you catch the new show, Raines, w/Jeff Goldblum? He plays a detective, who sees hallucinations. Of the victims. They don't know anything he doesn't know, so you see his thought process work its way out sometimes even before he's consciously realized something, but it's nagging at the back of his brain (or the front of his hallucination).

Still, I wonder how they are going to play the mental health angle of it. He wonders if he's going "crazy". I thought it was a good show, so far (course, I think intelligence is sexy, too, and he just has that air about him.)

sophizo said...

You rock Roy! Hilarious! I love when your sense of humor comes out. I needed that chuckle this morning. If I had any money, I'd help support your new career too.

DrivingMissMolly said...

Um, a touch manic, Roy?

"I" was the one that put the $$ in the jar, LAST WEEK!

I'm only coming out of the dark because I don't want anyone else to get credit, especially *that* person.

So, if I put more $$ in can I poke you with a stick?


Midwife with a Knife said...

drivingmissmolly: I wonder how much you have to pay to poke roy with a stick. And is the rate the same for all 3 shrinks, or does it cost more to poke clink or dinah?

Or maybe we should just put up a sign, "Please don't poke the shrinks"

(Sorry, I'm a little goofy)

Sarebear said...

Ooooh! Is this like the dunk tank, where you throw a ball to hit the target, and it dumps the person into the tank?

How much to dunk all three of them. Roy is already swimming in there, hee hee.

ClinkShrink said...

Roy, you couldn't have saved this for April Fool's Day? Now we're going to have to come up with something else.

Don't worry everybody, Dinah and I needle Roy any chance we get.

As far as poking me is concerned, you're gonna hafta catch me first!

Besides, I think you're only supposed to Pokeman.

And thank you Lilly. The flock of ducks will be getting a treat.

Dinah said...


Rach said...

Your notice reminds me of a sign in front of a pond at a conference I went to: "please don't fall in the pond. the water is cold and not very clean".

Anonymous said...

Roy & Roy:
Actually, I'm concerned about you. I've been working on a diagnosis here. First, I read about your steroid-induced mania. You didn't want to consult me and Clink before you started panhandling on our behalf? Next, I noticed you are listed twice on our team-members side bar. Are you perseverating? Is there Happy Roy and Sad Roy? Roy 1 and Roy 2 (I just came from Seussland)? Multiple Roysonality Disorder? Are we now My Four Shrinks? Four Shrinks on the Edge? And did they take you away?

NeoNurseChic said...

LOL - nasal corticosteroids inducing mania. If that's the most steroids you ever take and that's the biggest mania you get from them, thank goodness! I would hate to see what you'd be like on chronic steroid tapers and IV steroids!! I have a hilarious story about my mom's best friend on steroids when she was still alive and how she flipped out on the neighbors one night and they called the cops on her. When I took the steroid tapers, I never slept! It was great...sort of - I didn't feel tired at the time but then as the days added up and the tapers wound down, I began to feel how much energy I'd expended and it wasn't pretty! lol

I read this post and was like, "Huh? What's happened to Roy? What did I miss?" lol....

I can't donate as personally my pennies are currently being directed towards things like food and medication and debt repayment (I now sounds like an 85 year old on medicare...), but c'est la vie! Enjoy your new found career.... haha ;)

Take care!
Carrie :)

The Girl said...

Ahaha! That was funny. :D

jcat said...

Pleeease make him fix the two "Roy"s - it's been bothering me for the last week.

Actually, it's been the second thing I check on the site every morning. Is there a new post, first, and then the names!
How boring is my life....

Roy said...

Thank you, Lily. I thought it might be you because of the ducks.

You all are too funny. Someone I know had several hours of what was described as "like mania" after starting nasal steroids. After seeing the Rocketboom clip about the lonelygirl15 doctor quitting to produce the website... well, it just made sense. A tongue-in-cheek sorta post. Clink's right... would've been a good April 1 post. Hmm...

I'll have to fix jcat's obsession with seeing double. I changed my gmail address and Blooger put me up twice. I'll see what I can do.

jcat said...

Thanks, Roy!

Never had one before, and was thinking a small bit of OCD would be nice. Note though, I chose to develop it about something that someone else far far away from my home has to go and fix.

If this works, maybe I'll start on Bush next! (Our own politics are beyond help....)

Fat Doctor said...

Brilliant! Maybe I should put up an internet cam and call you and we could charge OTHERS to watch you give me therapy! It would be like "Manic Roy & Lonely Fat Doc." Heck, gimme enough cashola and I might even take videocam therapy nekkid. Woo Hoo! Does that make me a whore?