Sunday, March 18, 2007

Dr A Tags Us w/Thinking Blogger Award

Dr. Anonymous tagged us with the Thinking Blogger Award. I'm glad we make people think. Or smile. Or laugh. Any of these will do.
Here are my 5 tagees: Omni Brain; Corpus Callosum; NeuroFuture; Health Care Renewal; and ClinPsyc. Tag, you're it!


Sarebear said...

Not sure where to post this, but this is for Dinah.

If your son plays video games, he'd make an excellent surgeon.

Playing video games improves vision.

The researchers believe that some video games not only motivate further play but "also can be experienced as enhancing psychological wellness, at least short-term," he says.

Here's one that's really useful for your profession: Virtual-Reality Video Game Helps Link Depression To Specific Brain Area"

Obviously there's all sorts of studies out there, and of course some negative aspects of playing video games, but there's already so much as a mother to feel guilty about. If a teen isn't doing one thing, it's another.

Anyway, I found all these very interesting. Yeah, I also found one on violent video games and the effect on level of emotional arousal and executive function.

Looks like many of those links were about studies at the same university . . . are there any professional journals with papers with the results, findings, conclusions, questions, info, or whatnot on the study(ies?) Cause that'd be interesting.

Sorry! Just sending a virtual hug if that's appropo to Dinah, cause I hate the whole mother-guilt thing. Even though I have alot of it. Lol.

Oh, and cool thing about Dr. A. awarding you that. Interested to see who you guys will award it to!

Also curious what your answers to a meme I posted today would be, but I didn't tag you because I didn't want to be a bother (hope Dr. A doesn't think I'm a bother, either!)

Sara (sorry so long!)

Sarebear said...

Doh! You already had listed who. I forgot by the time I got to the end of my comment . . . my brain took the fast train outta town.