Friday, March 30, 2007

Dr. Fear Factor

Saw this on the APA site today. I sorta predicted this in Reality Therapy Vlog...

"A new TLC [The Learning Channel] show is looking for experts in cognitive behavioral therapy and anxiety disorder treatment to take on eight challenging patients in a groundbreaking television series to alleviate their phobias.

Everyone knows what it feels like to be afraid or to feel anxious, but there are some people who can be so debilitated that it interferes with the tasks of everyday life. Their friends and families try to understand, but the relationships are strained. Meet eight individuals who are prisoners of their own minds. In order to take back their lives from their overwhelming emotions, they will undergo a unique treatment directed by two of the country’s top anxiety disorder specialists. On a two-week journey of hope and self-discovery, eight individuals and two therapists will board a bus winding along Route 66, crossing eight states, and 2,400 miles with the aim of curing the neuroses for good. People on the bus will not only face their individual fears, but will also help each other through intensive group therapy.

The show will be an uplifting experience for the participants and the viewers. The patients will be challenged, yet always in a safe but dynamic environment. They will have the guidance and support of two exceptional therapists and their bus-mates, but they will be emboldened to take an active role in their own recovery.

The journey from incapacitating dread to dynamic vitality will be documented for The Learning Channel. The Learning Channel is a network dedicated to groundbreaking programming presented in a sensitive and educational manner. This program will be produced by LMNO Productions for TLC. Eric Schotz, Bill Paolantonio and Kathy Williamson are executive producers."
They are looking for two doctors -- a cognitive therapist and an anxiety disorder specialist -- to go on the road with them for 10 days. Any takers?


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Can I give 'me Xanax?

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