Tuesday, January 09, 2007

My Three Shrinks 5: Sex, Lies, and Neuroeconomics

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Today's podcast is brought to you by the letter "M" and the number "5".

January 9, 2007:
Topics include:

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Sarebear said...

mp3 gets 404 not found

Sarebear said...

ok, i finally got the mpeg4 to work. whee

Sarebear said...

I'm most of the way thru it, but I'm confused; what did you congratulate Roy's wife for? I only heard about it when you were kinda running over the things you'd already done.

I'm guessing . . . for putting up with Roy? hee hee

Yay for the cell phone guy! The reason I mentioned it, is because when my MIL came to my hubby's store to drop some presents off for Christmas into our car, she brings the keys back in to see and hear this idiot guy yelling horribly at and to my husband, REALLY badly, with F-this and F-that all over the place.

When all my hubby was trying to do was help him!

On the flip side, someone once brought a container of donuts in to thank the guy who had helped them earlier that day; that sort of thing NEVER happens but was a nice flip side of the coin! My dh brought home the ones that were left, which was great cause we had no money around then and I was starving.

Hey, to prevent further raving lunacy in my husband's face, let's put that oxytocin in his store (different brand than the one you got, but ya can't win em all, hee hee!) (Why do I now have that Prince song, from Batman (the first movie), called "Trust" in my head, now!!)

Well, that was fun! With more Added Dinah (and yet, no extra calories!).

Next time, you can multiply her and see whatcha get.


I really enjoyed this episode: it has just the right balance of factoids and quirks, everyone got equal air time, and you pressed on from topic to topic. The image of the Ph.D student 'crying profusely out of one eye' made me laugh. The image of Dinah microwaving her cell made me laugh harder.

Dinah said...

I absolutely did not microwave my cell phone. I threw it in the washing machine. I once did try to dry parsley into parsley flakes in the microwave and set them on fire.

ClinkShrink said...

Once upon a time months ago I noticed someone from the Google domain was reading our blog. Now I know why---they were using Dinah's life to come up with ideas for new services:

Google cell phone locator

Rach said...

Yay! I was waiting for another podcast - you 3 shrinks have made me VERY happy today :)

But it'll only let me listen to the first 6 minutes - it cuts out during the discussion on neuropsychology and stocks... :(


Non-sequitur: I'd like to include ShrinkRap in an online riddle to which I'm contributing. (After all, ShrinkRap is part of the larger nerdsphere.) It would draw a gaggle of geeks, but only temporarily. After being decrypted the clue would look like this:

Three shrinks came around
the bend
and one of them was Alice's friend.

Would the three of you mind? If you'd rather I didn't, I won't.

ClinkShrink said...

Please, invite more geeks--the more the merrier.

I'll have to figure out a way to do the word verification in ASCII character codes.

Anonymous said...

If you guys found nueroeconomics interesting, you may want to do some reading on Game Theory in economics. It also combines psychology, human behavior and economics to determine what one's adversary will do next. (The professor from UPenn who just killed his wife taught this theory) It's quite interesting to learn about. My econ class in grad school dealt a little with game theory. I found it fascinating.

BTW...I liked also liked this episode.

Rach said...

Great Episode C,D&R! I finally got through the whole thing without my comuputer having a psychotic episode.

Looking forward to the next one - one bit of constructed criticism - i find your voices to be muffled on the podcast - even when I turn the volume up on my speakers, it still sounds like there's a hand over all 3 of your mouths...

Sandra said...

Regarding oxytocin and trust nasal sprays, there is one on the market (Liquid Trust) but it's a [alleged] fraud that doesn't meet the claims. You couldn't dose someone with oxytocin through ambient air, or even if they took a big sniff of your collar sprayed with the perfume, because the quantities are too small. Paul Zak, an author of the trust study, debunked consumer-hyped trust sprays by saying you'd need to inhale three teaspoonsfull of the stuff to produce an effect.

I wrote a bit about this

But The Neurocritic's take is way better

Thanks for thinking of Omni Brain and doing a neuropsychiatry post! And I've been meaning to ask you, ClinkShrink, about neuroethics, meds and psychosis...

ClinkShrink said...

Jennifer, I think game theory is fascinating. I heard about it for the first time in a sociology class back in high school, and we even did some in-class games to illustrate the points. It was fun.

Sandra, thanks for the visit and ask away. Doesn't surprise me that someone has tried to market the oxytocin. If people will market angel adjustments, they'll market anything.

Sandra said...

Oh, you found Angel Therapy! Hot, hot, hot. The next Angel Therapy Practitioner (ATP) Certification Program by Ms. Virtue, Ph. D is sold out, so you won't be able to add that to your CV. Darn.

Neuroethics, hrm, later.

Steve & Barb said...

Sara: in case you didn't figure it out, it was for finishing this.

Dinah & Seamonkey: try microwaving a lightbulb a second or two... it lights up... cool! (Disclaimer: may be bad for bulb and microwave).

Rach et al: right-clicking the mp3 link (eg, the MyThreeShrinks logo) should bring up a menu letting you download the mp3 file, rather than just listening to it in your browser. You could also do the iTunes link... iTunes is free for Windows too.

Jennifer: thanks for the tip on game theory... I've been wanting to read up on this for several years... need time.

Rach: the muffling is most certainly from the sound processing that clips the high pitch hiss sounds, etc. Or, it's the sound of my voice coming thru the floorboards, with Dinah's coming out of a washed & microwaved cell phone, and Clink's from, umm, Dinah's hand on her mouth so that she can get a word in.

Steve & Barb said...

I'm working on #6... should have it out some time tomorrow early.

FYI: here are some stats on # of podcast downloads...

#1: 382
#2: 186
#3: 160
#4: 188
#5: 193

# of hits from the iTunes Store: 3193

# of unique visitors downloading podcasts in January: 480

# of gigabytes bandwidth used so far: 8.81

I am amazed and humbled at the response to this little psychiatry adventure in podcasting.

Sarebear said...

i like seeing stats like that.

the phrase, stat ho, comes to mind, but I'd probably better think of something less loaded ("loaded" is a term my ologist uses that whenever I think it, it's in his voice, eep!)

Oh on another note, I'm going to test drive a new iatrist, if he's willing to do a sort of my interviewing HIM appointment to see if we'll fit.

Not that I'm looking for advice on that, because you can't, but cross your fingers or whatever you do that this one works out better than the last (my first) one. Lol!! I frequently felt assaulted and attacked by iatrist #1. Let's see who's behind door #2. Hee hee!

Steve & Barb said...

Harvard seminar on fMRI lie detection on Feb 2...