Thursday, May 18, 2006

Moving On

I've spent my life searching for meaning. I realize now (see posts below) that I've been looking in the wrong places-- I should have turned my bucket upside down, found a cozy closet, put a clothespin on my nose, and settled in with a good mentally ill prisoner or two.

Okay, enough on the wonders of correctional psychiatry-- and please do forgive my sarcasm-- teasing ClinkShrink is a lot of fun.

So can I ask, why are we the only blog in America that isn't asking why Chris was voted off American Idol??


NeoNurseChic said...

Oh he should have won for sure!! I'm a relatively new blogger and have enjoyed reading your blog by the three of you! Found it by reading Shrinkette....her publicity is working. ;)

Ever since Chris was voted off, I really don't feel quite as enthusiastic about the show as I did before! Last night, I feel that Elliot should have been voted off as he was the weaker of the three on Tuesday night. However, I think Taylor will get the majority of Elliot's now forfeited votes to win it all! That's my unscientific prediction anyhow!

IMHO, Taylor doesn't always match pitch very well, and Katharine has hot and cold days. Chris was really always on! I saw him perform on Ellen the other afternoon, and I was mesmerized!! I don't listen to hard rock all that often, but he really was the one to win!

I'll post a link to your blog on mine as well. It's been fun reading!!

Take care,
Carrie :)

Dinah said...

I read some of your blog. If you go on American Idol, I'll vote for you!

NeoNurseChic said...

Haha thanks! I've thought about going to the auditions once or twice! This last time around, they didn't have any auditions in NYC, and I'm in Philly so there wasn't anything close enough to me! Maybe next time... :)

I did just buy some software to work on songwriting, so maybe I'll put that music degree to work since I'm not using it by being a nurse! ;)

Take care!
Carrie :)

Steve & Barb said...

Umm... who's Chris?

Sarebear said...

Vin Diesel's clone, except he can sing!