Saturday, May 20, 2006

Off to APA

[posted by dinah]

Roy will be holding down the blog this week. ClinkShrink is already in Toronto (she says: "Bring a coat"). I will be going tomorrow, and yes, I will be flying with an Emotional Support Psychiatrist, let's see if I can get her to wear one of those signs around her neck.....


ClinkShrink said...

Canadians are terrific. Toronto is a pretty, new, clean and picturesque city and the people are quite nice. At the airport I only had to stand and look confused (not difficult for me) and within a few seconds someone was there asking if I needed help and offering directions. A boy (er, service child) standing at the bus stop asked me if I needed help with my luggage. Without any prompting from his father. I wonder if they need any good shrinks up here, even though American.

I only have one question:

What's with the huge wind turbine?

Shiny Happy Person said...

My boss is there too. I can't wait till I'm a grown-up: off on drug-company sponsored jolly while the junior doctor toils away back home.