Friday, August 03, 2012

Over On CPN and Novel Updates.

It's been all over the news that the psychiatrist who allegedly treated the alleged Aurora shooter had been disciplined by her state medical board for an infraction that occurred over a decade ago.  Is that relevant to this case?  I wrote my thoughts about this in an article for Clinical Psychiatry News.  If you're interested, please surf over there and read The Deep Dark Past of Dr. Lynn Fenton.   And while you're there, if you haven't already checked it out, read Clink's thoughts on Why the Mental Health Community Must Show Restraint


On a cheerier note, I received the proofs yesterday for the paperback edition of Home Inspection.  There are a few issues, but the paperback should be available shortly.  And Double Billing is in the works.  If you've read it, please leave a review on Amazon.  And the Kindle edition is available for $2.99.  I'm taking Roy's advice and going with the cheapest price for now. 


rob lindeman said...

Especially precious was the day-one reporting on Fenton that noted a woman in the Denver area of the same name offered acupuncture for various conditions including erectile dysfunction.

Anonymous said...

Re your comment on CPN about psychs or any docs writing prescriptions for self and others who are not patients, I can see why this is a problem. It is not hard to go through proper channels to get a few tabs of Xanax for a flight or to get through a life crisis. I am not a doc but I do know what dose of what pill I take to get through a bad spot and hey, I could call it in myself but it is against the law. There are certain emergency exceptions when I can see it being less wrong to write a prescription for a family member or friend but only when no other doc is available. I have waited in after hours clinics and ERs with kids or self to access a medication that was required (not a painkiller or an anxiolytic). It would have been easier to call a doctor friend. I also had one very bad experience of a psych who called in a prescription for me. His idea, not mine. I was very ill. He thought he was being helpful. Unfortunately, he had not read up on the latest medical reports regarding contraindications. I had a major contra and ended up in worse shape. I had another experience of being offered pain meds for a migraine by a doctor friend who was not quite close enough of a friend to know that I take a bunch of stuff that would potentially interact badly with what was offered and that I am prone to hoarding meds in case the need to commit suicide presents itself.I accepted the offer with no intention of using them to alleviate the migraine.
I don't think that bringing up Fenton's lack of judgement in the past is irrelevant although it is not directly related to this case. I also don't think that such a high percentage of shrinks, or any percentage, should be prescribing to people who are not their patients.

Simple Citizen said...


- Thank you for the excellent article on Dr. Fenton. It's nice to hear facts instead of conjecture, especially when the conjecture is harmful and inappropriate.