Monday, August 27, 2012

Mitch & Wendy: Lost in Adventure Land

My last novel (at least for now and probably forever) is now available as a Kindle book for 99 cents.
Mitch & Wendy: Lost in Adventure Land.  It's a kids' book, meant for the 10 year old set.  No psychiatry.  There is a bad guy and a two scary chase scenes (the chapters are labeled "This is the scary part") so if you have a youngster who is prone to nightmares, perhaps you should read it first, and it's not for very young children.

After all three of my books become available as paperbacks, I will offer free promotions of the Kindle books. 

Product Description

It's Wendy's tenth birthday -- double digits at last -- and she goes to an amusement park with her mother and her brother, Mitch. The day, however, gets off to a bad start. Her best friend has a fever and can't come. The day only gets worse when Mitch and Wendy get lost in the park, only to meet up with a strange man who seems to know all about them.

Two siblings struggling with major changes in their family find themselves in a scary situation.

Written for 4th to 6th graders, Mitch and Wendy are trying to renegotiate their relationships with their parents and with each other following their parents' divorce and remarriage. Mitch escapes to Facebook and a sports friend he meets there who seems to really understand, only to face disastrous consequences.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of book reviews, you might find this article interesting:

Suji said...

Oh, I think I'm gonna like this book. I really want to read this. I'm not a 6th grader but I love the theme of the story.