Thursday, August 23, 2012

Double Billing is Available as a Kindle e-Book

My novel, Double Billing, is now available as a Kindle e-book for $2.99.  The paperback version will be out in a couple of weeks.
A little less psychiatry than Home Inspection, which is also available as both an e-book and a paperback on Amazon.
Cover art by Natalie Adachi.

As always, if you read my books, I encourage you to put a review on Amazon.

Coming Soon --  Mitch & Wendy: Lost in Adventure Land.


Sarebear said...

I enjoyed this book even more than the last one. I like the cover and what it says to me, what it says about the book, based on having read it. I can't speak how it would make me feel having not read it, because I didn't see it until after I read it. Lol.

Dinah said...

Sarebear: Thank You! Amazon review? : )

Sarebear said...

In moderation! Like chocolate (wait, no!) and sweets and stuff.

Anonymous said...


I thoroughly enjoyed Home Inspection, and just left a review at Amazon. Heading to purchase Double Billing now. So glad you decided to self publish your books at Amazon.


Dinah said...

Thank you!

Judy said...

Dinah, I am looking forward to ready your latest book. I am wondering how you chose your front covers?

HappyOrganist said...

Congratz Dinah =) Your book caught my attention when it showed up on my Facebook feed - and I just finished reading. Loved it. Very good work. Thanks for sharing it. :)

Dinah said...

Happy Organist: Thank you!

Karen: Funny you should ask. I commissioned a young neighborhood artist for Home Inspection and Double Billing and gave her some ideas. Alas, she sent me a rough sketch for Double Billing, then got caught up in getting off to college and did not finish up, but I liked the sketch and it felt like it worked. When she settles in and finds a scanner, she may finish up and the cover may really look like The Gates of Central Park. The cover of Mitch & Wendy is a photo I shot of the rides at Navy Pier in Chicago, taken with my cell phone.