Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Top 25 Shrink Rap Posts of All Time

On Sunday, I published the Top 25 posts from 2011. Today's TOP list is of the Top 25 posts of all time (well, since we started, in 2006), starting with our all-time fav, the Xanax post. Enjoy.
  1. Why Docs Don't Like Xanax (some of us)
  2. Street Value of Psychiatric Medications
  3. CPT Billing Codes for Psychiatrists and Psychotherapy
  4. Who Wants to be a Psychiatrist?
  5. What People Talk About In Therapy
  6. Sex With Fish
  7. Does EMDR Work?
  8. How This Shrink Picks A Sleep Medication
  9. Questions for Clink
  10. Why Psychiatry is a Wonderful Medical Specialty
  11. What's A Psychiatric Emergency?
  12. Depakote & Ammonia
  13. How A Shrink Picks An Anti-Depressant
  14. Schizophrenia, Still Figuring it Out
  15. Shrink Rap Survey on Attitudes Towards Psychiatry
  16. Why Shrinks Don't Take Your Insurance
  17. What Makes A Good Therapist?
  18. The Duck Was Nixed!
  19. Skype Therapy
  20. Why I Still Prescribe Seroquel
  21. HBO In Treatment: Sophie is Bullied Out of Her Suicidality
  22. I Have Bipolar Disorder. Can I be a Doctor?
  23. Ritalin or Abilify for I.V. Amphetamine Dependence
  24. Topamax Effective in Reducing Heavy Alcohol Drinking
  25. Six Future Trends in Psychiatry
Coming up later this week... Most Interesting Search Phrases from 2011. These are often very funny, interesting, or just plain bizarre. Here's the list from 2008 to whet your appetite.

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