Sunday, January 08, 2012

Top 25 Most Popular Shrink Rap Posts from 2011

Time for a round-up of the most popular Shrink Rap posts from 2011.

These are all posts written in 2011; later I will put up a list of top posts of all time (since we started in 2006), in addition to the -- and this is my favorite -- most interesting search phrases used in 2011. These are listed with the most popular (i.e., most pageviews) post at the top. Please feel free to repost this on your blog or your favorite social media dooblie doo.
  1. Questions for Clink
  2. Shrink Rap Survey on Attitudes Towards Psychiatry
  3. What Makes A Good Therapist?
  4. The Duck Was Nixed!
  5. Doctors Who Write
  6. Summer Solstice: "Hot" Grand Rounds on Shrink Rap
  7. A Brief Psychological Analysis of the Angry Birds
  8. Google+ Button Added
  9. Doctors to Go to Jail for Asking Patients About Guns in the Home
  10. Kindle versus Nook?
  11. The Patient Who Didn't Like the Doc. On-Line.
  12. The Top Ten or More Things That Annoy Me About Psychiatry Haters
  13. What is Bipolar Disorder?
  14. Talk Doesn't Come Cheap
  15. Diagnostic Labels That Change Lives
  16. The Unwilling Patient: New Yorker Article
  17. Howard Dully's Lobotomy
  18. Guest Blogger Jesse: When Patients Don't Pay
  19. Hate A Shrink: They Ask For It, After All
  20. No More Xanax
  21. How to be a Successful College Student
  22. Please Pass the Fat Cream
  23. Are We Not Thugs?
  24. Psych Meds are THE Problem: A Post for Duane Sherry
  25. Happy Shrinks!
If you are still reading at this point, I figure that you are bored enough to also be interested in reading our "Top Ten Posts" lists from prior years, too. Here you go...
2010 ... 2009 ... 2008 ... 2007 ... 2006

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