Thursday, January 19, 2012

Top 21 Most Discussed Shrink Rap Posts in 2011

Last week, I posted lists of the Top 25 popular posts of 2011 and also of All Time, in addition to a list of the most interesting/funny/bizarre search phrases on Shrink Rap for 2011.

This is my last "Top 10" list from the year of 2011. I sorted the entire list of 257 posts from 2011 by the number of comments received, the highest being 119 comments during the Sherry/Lindeman epoch [winking at Duane and Rob]. Enjoy.
  1. Guest Blogger Dr. Jesse Hellman: When Patients Don't Pay (119 comments)
  2. Guest Blogger Dr. Jesse Hellman: More Thoughts On Rachel Aviv's Article on Involuntary Treatment (83 comments)
  3. Suicide, Free Will, and the Shrink's Magical Ability to Predict Violence (82 comments)
  4. Are We Not Thugs (81 comments)
  5. The Ten Percent Solution (79 comments)
  6. Transference to the Blog, Revisited (71 comments)
  7. The Top Ten or More Things That Annoy Me About Psychiatry Haters (63 comments)
  8. What's Really Insane (60 comments)
  9. Please Complain (58 comments)
  10. The Very Badly Behaved Health Care Practitioner (57 comments)
  11. Guest Blogger Dr. Jesse Hellman: On The Penn State Matter (53 comments)
  12. What is Bipolar Disorder? (53 comments)
  13. Doctors Who Write (52 comments)
  14. Psych Meds are THE Problem: A Post for Duane Sherry (51 comments)
  15. The Secret Lives of Patients (49 comments)
  16. Running Out of Psychiatric Beds (48 comments)
  17. Guest Blogger SG: On How the Pharmaceutical Companies Have Damaged Psychiatry (46 comments)
  18. Is It Ever Okay to Lie (44 comments)
  19. Tell Me... An Ethical Dilemma (42 comments)
  20. The Patient Who Didn't Like the Doc. On-Line. (40 comments)
  21. Shock Value (ECT) (40 comments)

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