Saturday, January 16, 2010

Vacation Dreams

It's warm and sunny here. The sand is blue, the water is green, the Dinah is pleasantly pinkish. The Ravens are losing at half time.

I had this dream last night that begs to go on the blog, so here I am.
I was walking down the street with ClinkShrink, and Roy was with us too, but walking a bit slower. We came across a body in the road, face down, and we went to help, Clink and I right there at the scene. It was a woman, and someone else was there, looking for a pulse. She moved, and then she got up. I asked a few medical questions, and we decided it was okay to leave. Roy thought I should have asked different questions.

Then we were in Boston. We'd flown and I had to get back the same day. I asked Roy if he'd bought my ticket, since I hadn't bought it myself and thought I might owe him money. He hadn't. I also didn't recall ever seeing a boarding pass---how did I get on the plane?

We were at a meeting and there was another psychiatrist there as well as some of my neighbors. I sat down and tried to figure out how I was going to get back to Baltimore that day. I pulled out my iTouch and tried to download an AirTran App.

By the time I'm dreaming about i-Anything apps on vacation, well that's when I know that Roy has gotten to me.


Sunny CA said...

I get travel anxiety dreams similar to the second part of your dream when I am about to travel or am traveling. My favorite dreams are when I am running because in my dreams running is faster and more effortless than any running in reality could be. My own dream last night was so horrible (and real) I have had trouble putting it out of my mind while awake today. I have no idea what may have brought it on.

Anonymous said...

i can't wait for my valentine's day puppy!!!

Roy said...

Putting on my Freud hat here...

Funny that I'm walking slower in the dream. I am also the straggler in the book that the three of us have been writing. Dinah frets that it won't get completed.

The woman in the road represents our book. She is face down because the book is still without a title, so we can't see her face.

Dinah and Clink are at the scene (trying to write the book); the other person at the scene may be Jackie, our publisher. She is looking for a pulse, wondering if our book still has any life in it. The person in the road got up because the book is still alive. In the dream, I thought Dinah should have asked different questions, probably because we have disagreed about aspects of the book's direction, focus, and style. (healthy disagreements... listen to our podcasts, you'll get the idea)

No idea about the money. Or the boarding pass. Maybe someone else could interpret that one. Boston, I get, but I'm guessing there was some angst about something that happened earlier in the ticketing process, maybe with her husband.

The iTouch app to get home has a click-the-ruby-slippers-three-times sound to it. She is not in Kansas anymore.

Hmm, Dinah's in the Caribbean on vacation and it's cold and raining here in Baltimore. Can't wait to see what my dreams have in store tonight ;-/

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, a bit overanalyzed, love.
Yes, you are the straggler, and you like to come in after Clink and I have done tons of work and get hung up ripping little things're having trouble with Big Picture issue (Like: you asked the wrong questions, does that matter given that the woman got up and walked away fine?)
I'm not worried about the book getting completed, have you noticed we're on the last chapter? I am worried that your part won't make it to the final copy, to cavalier to comment that you'll do it in May when we've been working for over a year now.

Boston, husband goes there often and two things happened that day: 1) got to the airport as the last-minute family only to have everyone oddly rushing us--"luggage technically closed" boarding almost finished, and I noticed on the way into the plane that Departure time was 20 minutes EARLIER than husband thought it wonder everyone was so rushed! 2) we watched a Chris Rock movie on TV where he ends up on a quick flight to DC in the middle of his work day and can't get a return flight in time to be back for an important meeting.

So my day residue.

mid 70's, sunny, water is green, Dinah is pink, and I've discovered that I'm very talented at ordering drinks on the beach.

Roy said...

Just don't get red. And have fun. While it rained here all day, we did get into the 50s so I rode with my windows down. Almost like being there.

Anonymous said...

wait ... you are on vacation again? Didn't you just return to your new office after the Christmas holiday? Lucky you.

Sarebear said...

Vacation? What's that? Hope you had fun.

Was fun listening in on this interp of the dream amongst you heh.

Dinah said...

This is our maladaptive way of bickering.
Heal soon....