Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Should ClinkShrink Get a Puppy???

It's your chance to chime in!

Here's the thing:
1) ClinkShrink is allergic to critters and has felt much better since the deaths of her beloved kitties, Elavil and Prozac (aka Zac and Elli, and yes, this was their names).
2) ClinkShrink doesn't want a puppy, or any critter for that matter.
3) A dog would cramp Clink's away-we-go to rappel ourselves down steep cliffs and climb things no one was ever meant to consider climbing.

So why would ClinkShrink get a doggy?

1) A member of her household desperately wants one. Really really badly.
2) They make hypo-allergenic pooches, don't they?
3) She loves my dog Max and takes wonderful care of him when I'm away. (And funny, we've never heard her sneeze).
4) They are sooo cute.
5) Dogs add a dose of passion to life, and passion is good.

Well? What do you think? The puppy in the pic is Roy's, by the way.


Judy said...

Yes yes yes to the puppy! A miniture schnauzer is practically allergen free. Ours has my sweet man and myself most always smiling or laughing or is snuggling or walking with us. She eases our stress. Again, yes to the puppy!

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, yes! Chocolate labs are magical!

The Silent Voices in my Mind said...

Being allergic to cats is a different allergy than to dogs, especially ones that don't shed. Spontaneity isn't cramped nearly as much with a dog as with a kid so I think it could be worked around. Since she already cares for Dinah's dog sometimes, it doesn't sound like she has an aversion to dogs in general. So if the only reason she doesn't want a puppy is because of those logistics, it might be worth a second look.

That said...

Is the member of the household that wants the puppy able to take primary responsibility for it? What are the chances that he/she actually will take care of it?

Dogs, and puppies especially, do require time, attention and effort. (Duh, you know that.) Even if she is counting on someone else being its primary caretaker, there is a definite chance that she will end up having to care for it. If ClinkShrink doesn't really want a puppy, gets one anyways, and ends up doing most of the training, grooming, feeding, walking and other care... there is a good chance she will end up resenting both the puppy and the household member that talked her into it.

Dogs are a wonderful blessing that can add color and dimension to our lives - if we appreciate having one. Otherwise, it's a burden and source of tension.

I hope ClinkShrink decides to get a dog and takes the time to research breeds and find one that matches her and her household, and that she falls instantly in love with the dog she chooses. But ultimately, the only input that really matters is hers and her household's.

Sunny CA said...

My highly allergic friend is doing fine with a pair of Labradoodles. As far as a puppy goes, I know that some people would consider nothing but a puppy, though I personally much prefer adopting from specific breed rescue groups and getting a full grown dog, preferably aged 5 years+, because by that age even if the dog is not housebroken it can be accomplished in a day or two and an adult dog is past the chewing stage. Adult dogs are faster to learn everything, so basic obedience goes more quickly, too, even if you adopt a dog that never was taught anything in his/her previous life. By adopting a dog not a pup you can also see the dog's final size and personality and make sure the dog is a fit for your personality. I have never adopted an adult dog that I regretted, even Tana bandanna who was 14 years old, had a fused hip so walked on 3 legs, and had no hair below his shoulders (due to low thyroid and fleas) when he came into my family.

Lost in Wonderland said...

it seems like a no brainer....a puppy is the way to go!

Anonymous said...

Woof! Go for it!

Sara said...

Get another cat!

If you wash them, they do a lot less allergy stuff.

Dogs are way too high maintenance.

JJ said...

I vote yes for dogs, but consider getting a grown one? I got a 4 year old lab from a family member who passed away, and boy, it was wonderful... he was cute as anything as a puppy, but SO much work. Getting him at four years old was just about heaven. Not sure I'll ever do the puppy thing again unless a child begs me mercilessly. You get all the benefits while someone else does the work, and you also do a very good deed as there are a lot of grown dogs that need good homes.

tracy said...

Portugese Water Dog! Cue music..... (Do you have a pond? Does the White House have a pond?)

Anonymous said...

Nope. Clink doesn't want a dog.

If the other household member is a responsible adult, s/he can get a dog and take care of it.

(I'm a total dog person, but the idea of getting a dog and having it sit in a crate or alone for 10 hours most working days so that I could have the pleasure of a couple hours company in the evening? That sounds cruel.)

Anonymous said...

I think I might just have to name my next animal Zac. I love that!