Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Shrink Rap: Grand Rounds is up at Paul Levy's Running a Hospital

This week's Grand Rounds is at Running a Hospital, a blog written by Paul Levy, the President and CEO of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston.

Paul's blog is well-known, as he is very open about the challenges of running such an endeavor.  He chose a theme about medical errors and related mistakes, told via the many stories he chose to include in the GR post.

This is a must-read.  Great job, Paul.


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Future blog topic?:
How do you incorporate the catastrophic events of "the day" into psychotherapy? Surely just about all patients these days, in addition to personal issues, are affected by seeing friends and family lose jobs, stock market losses, fear of job loss, store closings, corporation bankruptcies, fraud on Wall Street and in the boardroom, etc. There's a grey pallor over American life. How does this affect clinical practice?

Sarebear said...

Yeah, like the Swine Flu thing.

I read disaster books, love disaster movies and such . . . . the news a few nights ago, well, it sounded right out of the early part of say Outbreak, or some other viral movie.

Not that this is anywhere NEAR as deadly as those (ie, the virus in outbreak was 100% of people who contracted it, died, etc., this one isn't).

Still, it was so eerie just hearing it, and all the years I've thought of living in the biblical last times, and all the devastations that would come, etcetera . . . . . .