Sunday, March 08, 2009

Checking Out the Other Shrink Blogs

When we started blogging, we looked for the blogs of other psychiatrists, and even other non-shrink docs, and linked to them. It's been a while (oh, nearly 3 years) and mental health blogs have come and gone. I thought I'd survey the scene again. So just a list:
Dr. X's Free Associations : psychology with a conservative (?) bent.
May Shrink or Fade: a young(?) inpatient psychiatrist in New England ponders the world.
Turn Your Head and Scoff: by our correctional friend in San Diego, FooFoo5
The Last Psychiatrist: Assorted psychiatric and other rantings
Garth Kroeker is a blogging psychiatrist
The Psychiatrist Blog is written by Dr. Michelle Tempest.
Mind Hacks: Neuroscience and Psychology
Psyched Out: Musings of a psychiatric social worker
In Practice: Peter Kramer's psychiatry blog in Psychology Today.
Oh, Psychology Today actually has a whole list of mental health blogs: try here.
PsychCentral is ...oh, psych central.
Carlat's Psychiatry Blog: focuses on medications and medical research
Clinical Psychology and Psychiatry: A Closer Look
CorePsychBlog: psychiatry with a radio show.
Psychiatric Drug Facts with Dr. Peter Breggin features a psychiatrist who doesn't like meds
The Treatment Advocacy Center -- kind of describes itself.
Mental Nurse: a multi-author mental health blog in the UK
Intueri: to contemplate -- by a psychiatrist.
Ars Psychiatrica: by another psychiatrist! mixes with art and literature Couch Trip: by a psychologist (or soon-to-be?)
Everyone Needs Therapy by a PhD in social work (--Really?)
Jung at Heart by a Jungian psychotherapist
Somatosphere: a multi-author, multi-specialty blog, includes psychiatry
And from Irving, Texas: A psychiatrist who learned from veterans.
I've somehow lost Shiny Happy Person and her Trick Cycling for beginners blog.
The Snarky Gerbil is a psychotherapist-in-training.
Our blog friend psychiatrist TigerMom writes with two other docs on Two Women Blogging (these people can't count).
Juliaink is a psychiatrist who posts on Mothers In Medicine.
Modern Psychoanalysis is a blog by Jim about....psychoanalysis.
Shrinkwrapped (!!!) is a psychiatrist/psychoanalyst in New Jersey. Ah, he needs a better blog name. Might I suggest....
Dr. Deb talks about her work as a psychologist.
Katie Malinski is a social worker who is a parenting coach.
CoffeeYogurt is a blog by a psychologist who visits us.
Dr. Doug Bremmer writes: Before You Take That Pill.
Dr. Shock, M.D., PhD, has a 'neurostimulating blog' with a chocolate post!

Oh, there are more. I tried to confine it to blogs by mental health professionals...but there are so many great medical blogs, and blogs by patients, and many of our readers have neat things going on. More another day. If I missed a psychiatry blog, then by all means....


Rachel Cooper said...

Ahhh... such a timely post.

considering the number of patients/clients/mental health consumers (pick whatever word you want), perhaps one day could you maybe dedicate a post to websites you feel are worthy of solid, factual information on medications, treatments, resources related to mental illness? I have my favs, but I'm always looking for others - especially since the information changes so often.


Also - since you're in the area, have any of you ever taste a charm city cake? I watch the show "ace of cakes" on the food network all the time, and I wonder if the cakes taste as good as the look.

Rach said...

*** that should have said tasted, not taste,
and there shouldn't have been a question mark in the middle of the first paragraph. I am wondering if my brain has decided to temporarily hibernate until spring comes. ***


Dinah said...

Rach: I've never eaten Charm City Cake but if anyone wants to send me some, I'll post a review.

The NAMI website has good stuff:

Katie Malinski, LCSW said...

Can I suggest my own blog? :^) I'm a clinical social worker in private practice. I mostly write about parenting-related topics, but it is from the therapeutic perspective.

Rach said...

No cake from me... sorry.

Maybe on your next blogaversary you can get a charm city cake in the shape of a freudian couch with a support duck lying on it while surfing on a mac book... or something similar.

Thanks for the link - it's not one I'm familiar with :D

Dr. Deb said...

Hey thanks for the shout-out!

Unknown said...

Me too, thanks for the shout out!

I miss all of you.

I just emerged from hibernation where I was in my cave studying for my board re-certification exam. Finished it this morning - hopefully for another 10 years.

And over at Twowomenblogging, we choose to think of ourselves as two women blogging - at any one time.

shrink on the couch said...

psychologist here. my blog is a mix of psych, personal and political. maybe a bit too mixed up for your list but I'll put myself out here regardless.

thanks for posting your list. will backtrack and check a few out. always looking for good mental health provider blogs.

Doug Bremner said...

psychiatrist blogger here. Hi there.

Anonymous said...

Hi thanks for mentioning, here is another shrink I just discovered:
Kind regards Dr Shock

The Shrink said...

I also read Psyblog, Frontier Psychiatrist, The MacGuffin.

Couchtrip said...

Thanks for the mention. Will check out the others.

Unknown said...

Oh no! I have to come up with a new name for our new business blog - "Shrink Rap" is already being put to good use :-)
-Brishette Camu, Fuel Centers Specializing in Anxiety

Tamara said...

Hi, Dinah. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in private practice and enjoy reading your blog. Thought you / your readers might find mine to also be of interest -- it's on developing a private practice in mental health.

Tamara G. Suttle, M.Ed., LPC

Jeremy Sharp said...

Hello to all of you! I've been reading for quite a while - and loving it. I happened on this post after coming to your site to do some research for my own blog - it's fairly new but fits well with the mental health theme. We've overlapped topics a few times, so I'll likely be linking back to some of your stuff in the future :) Thanks - looking forward to reading more.

therapydoc said...

Yeah, really. A Research I. Thanks for the link. I'll get back'a' cha.