Sunday, November 18, 2007

Final Results of the Sidebar Poll on What's Your Favorite Sleep Medication

I posted the results of our sidebar poll and I meant to take it down and put up a new one: What's Your Favorite Anti-Psychotic? of course. But I never got around to it and people have just kept voting.

And it's Sunday: coffee and The New York Times. The Magazine's lead article is about is by Jon Mooallem and is called "The Sleep-Industrial Complex." It's a long piece that talks about mattresses (What's YOUR sleep number?), pills, the history of sleep, our expectations and perceptions of what goes on in those wee hours.

So the final results of our Sleep Med survey--please SCROLL DOWN (there's a technical glitch here and I can't seem to get rid of "error loading data" but it's loaded!):

Answer TextVotes%



dalmane/restoril/klonopin/ativan/valium/serax (benzodiazepines)2614%

benedryl/tylenol PM/ visteril (antihistamines)2111%


seroquel or zyprexa (off label)1810%






hot Chocolate

Prefer not to take them




medical marujana


A good workout at the gym






Prefer not to take them



I watch mindless TV until I fall asleep. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn

no caffeine after 6 p.m.




Anonymous said...

I'm a little surprised trazodone scored so high. I took it for a couple months. It worked very well, the first month, but then I got used to it and it and it totally stopped working (which I've been told is a pretty common occurance). Then, when I stopped taking it I went through withdrawal and spent three nights in which I hardly slept and my legs kept twitching throughout the entire night. All in all, it kind of sucked.

Rach said...

So now we're onto Favorite anti-psychotic? It's an interesting question, Dinah, because in my own case, I use it very rarely, and only in the worst case scenario. And when I get to a worst-case scenario, like most other people... well, it makes no difference as to whether it's my favorite or not. It matters more if it knocks me out sufficiently.

What constitutes a "favorite" choice? (sigh)... Back to the side effect debate - but with Anti-psychotics, I feel like the debate intensifies significantly, because often the dosages of the meds is quite high in order to achieve the intended result of stability, etc.

Anonymous said...

I think it would be sort of helpful to know if the person voting for Haldol as their fav antipsychotic is a physician or a patient.


MasterQ said...

What about Tryptophan? (that stuff in turkey)

ian said...

What did you think of this Times article? Thanks for mentioning it. Select Comfort is now featuring your 'final results' post in the Sleep Number conversation section at While you are there please do check out the Great Sleep conversation too. I am hoping you would be willing to share your knowledge on the Slumber Party blog.