Monday, November 05, 2007

Change Mac Spots to Leopard OSX?

I've heard really good things about Apple's new 10.5 upgrade to OSX... Leopard. A colleague showed me some of its new features recently (thanks, Harry) but another colleague (no, it wasn't Louise) told me he got it, then uninstalled it and went back to 10.4 as he was dissatisfied with it. I haven't yet learned the specifics of his disgruntlement, but I thought I'd put this out to our Mac readers to hear about any of their experiences.

(Oh, sorry about the reduced postings from me of late, and the delay of our NEW AND IMPROVED SOUND podcast. As you all know, life gets in the way sometimes (funny expression... like RL is secondary to online), and the past two weeks for me have been particularly packed with "things". I expect this to continue for a bit, but at a reduced pace, and will strive to keep contributing.)

So, what does this have to do with Psychiatry? Umm, a Leopard can sometimes change his spots and become a Tiger? Or... change is not for everyone. Or... Macs are the preferred computers by Maryland psychiatrists (nudge, nudge, Dinah).


Dr. A said...

I have to tell you, I purchased Leopard the weekend it was released. Yet, I haven't installed it yet. I have heard mixed reviews as well.

My radio show is taking a break for Thanksgiving. So, maybe I'll install Leopard then. I'll let you know.

BTW, Grand Rounds comes to my blog next week. Get your posts ready.....

Sarebear said...

check out blog and do a search on Leopard. They all sorts of handy comparisons, tips, "should I upgrade", as well as a ton of useful info on other stuff (although the quantity there is very prolific, they provide filtered rss feeds for a couple specific subjects or highlights of the week's posts.)

I've learned ALOT there, found some excellent browser extensions, learned alot of new to me tips and tricks for Windows (well, I'm on a PC, but they do alot of Mac stuff too), and such.

Bardiac said...

Off topic for a sec, sorry: Do you folks have an email? I have an article from a local paper which might be interesting for ClinkShrink to comment on if she's interested. Drop me a line and I'll email a link if you'd like.

And then feel free to delete this for being off topic (and especially if you use the article).

Thanks, B.

ClinkShrink said...

Bardiac (and anyone else) you can send questions or other stuff to

Anonymous said...

Donkeys, Leopards, what are you all talking about? Is OSX something to do with the human genome project?

FooFoo5 said...

I pre-ordered, so I installed it the day it was released. I find the Intel runs faster (Spotlight is awesome), but some programs (e.g. a couple of PPC utilities & a lot of Photoshop plug-ins)) won't run in this architecture. Time Machine back-up is "set & forget" cool. You can preview practically any file from the dock (e.g. icons showing the covers of PDF articles, graphics, etc.) in "Stacks." I'm still discovering the new features (I'll let you know), but it is a seamlessly running and very attractive OS.

Dr. Shock said...

Got it last week, installed it on Friday night. Was supposed to be a breeze but all I got after installation was a big blue screen. Next morning looked it up on Apple and fixed it myself. Felt real great.
After using it a couple of days: it looks good and slick, one program until now: colorwheel will not work.
Pictures and files are more easily found in finder, mail has some nice new features such as notes and a todo list. These three new features come in handy for bloggers. So give it a shot and have fun, regards Dr Shock
P.S. haven't tried my games yet on Leopard.

mingalls said...

Pre-ordered it and installed it a few days after it came. It has some cool new features (like the ones Mail) and Time Machine is very easy to use. Other then that there's no big, big changes. But I'm such a sucker for apple products, I don't regret buying and installing it.

Perhaps related to psychiatry by Apple addiction... : )

Just kidding.

Roy said...

I plan to pick it up today and install it after I free up some space (4GB left)... need to move my iTunes library off my root drive and onto the big 500GB drive.

Ooo... just picked up a 28" LCD monitor (Hanns-G) w/full 1080p. $600 at Best Buy, this is one sweet view... and Macs handle a double monitor set-up without any futzing... just plug it in. Doubles as a TV.