Sunday, October 08, 2006

20 Random Facts (X 3 Co-Bloggers)

It's all FooFoo's fault. He tagged us with this 20 Random Facts meme. I'm not sure it's legal to do a simultaneous tag---all three of us at once---because to me that seems a bit like a Three Stooges group slap, but I'll let my co-bloggers speak to that. Just remember Foo, I have friends in your system and it's amazing what people will do for six Little Debbies.

1. I was able to type 75 words per minute by the time I was in sixth grade.
2. People thought I was weird when I was in sixth grade. And somewhat later.
3. I have several heroes, some fictional and some real: Martin Luther, Dorothea Dix, the two Steves (Wozniak and Jobs) and the fictional character Ripley in the Aliens movie series. I believe an individual can tackle big problems and win. We have proof individuals have changed the world.
4. I am exactly as tall as the average man was back in the nineteenth century.
5. In my next life I would like to be as tall as Sigourney Weaver.
6. I am often mistaken for a nun.
7. Nuns don't generally listen to my favorite music (German industrial rock).
8. I have never killed anyone with my cooking. Yet.
(addendum from dinah: I believe this is because Clink never cooks)
9. Motto: "No food too hot, no music too edgy."
10. I used to get nervous just taking my cats to the vet. I would be a horrible patient.
11. Someday my puns will get me killed.
(addendum from dinah: Yup)
12. I am helpless to resist puzzles or brainteasers. I have zero ability to walk away from a problem, which I guess is why I can tolerate writing computer code today.
13. As of this month I have spent more than half of my life exercising on a regular basis.
14. I once knew someone who played in a polka band.
15. I was in the high school chess club and took fourth place in the school tournament as a freshman.
16. I have ridden a camel and and an elephant. Elephants are better because they rock less and don't spit.
17. I can sometimes be a wee bit stubborn, but I call it persistence.
18. I have never hidden Roy under the floorboards.
19. As a physician I know the four basic food groups are: chocolate, caffeine, salt and cholesterol.
20. I obsessed over these random facts more than I should have.

1. This is too unstructured an event for me.
2. I have a weird friend who now calls herself ClinkShrink. My children find this rather strange and when our phone rings, there's been known to be a child yelling: "Maybe it's CLINK!" as a means of mocking me.
3. Eating may be my favorite activity.
4. I have a pair of pajamas that are light green with giant multicolored trolls on them. I am wearing them now. I have walked outside with the pants on with a red sweatshirt (the full top & bottom is too ridiculous for public-- though even with a red sweatshirt, it might be too much).
5. My husband is the best husband and father in the world.
6. I haven't heard a word from Roy in roughly two weeks and I miss him. He missed a great psychiatry society event last night where Richard Kogan talked about Tchiakovsky's life/mental state and played his music-- really terrific. Not sure where Clink was either, but many other shrinks I know were there.
7. I loved The Kite Runner. I loved Middlesex, too. I started reading Kurt Vonnegut in 5th grade and read Portnoy's Complaint in 7th grade. I get overwhelmed by the whole concept of picking a "favorite" anything so don't ask what my favorite book, author, movie, song, performer, piece of artwork,restaurant, is.
8. I'm going to hear Eric Clapton this week.
9. I got caught cutting algebra to relieve a friend who was standing in line for Billy Joel tickets. I didn't get in trouble and I did see Billy Joel, then for the first time, I think twice since, last just a couple of years ago. He can still sing.
10. I wonder what FooFoo is really like and whether he looks like Jason Lee in "My Name is Earl 11. I spent a month in medical school on a Navajo reservation in Chinle, Arizona.
12. I learned to type in first grade, as did my whole class, which I'd never mention but since Clink discussed her typing skills, I will. I've never typed 75 words a minute. She is one impressive dudette.
13. I flew to Boston and back on the same day to sit in Monster Seats at Fenway Park. The Red Sox won.
14. I called the SPCA two years after we got Max and tried to locate his sister who was adopted out the day before we met and adopted Max (this is our dog). The person on the phone thought I was nuts.
15. The first time I used an ATM machine, I tried to deposit money thinking it would make change for me to use for the laundromat. Oddly, this just didn't happen and I had to return to the bank the next day and explain that I was the one who'd stuck money in the machine without an envelope or deposit slip.
16. I collect giraffes.
17. My children tell me I'm old. I'm not.
18. My husband is not a transvestite, which was called into question by our neighbors when I published a novel that opened with a social worker stumbling upon her husband cross dressed.
19. Every morning, I have coffee with a judge who arrives in my kitchen in hair curlers along with her very large black dog. The dog, so far, has not asked for coffee. I will not give their names here in order to preserve the courtroom illusion of natural curl.
20. For years, my daughter thought my profession was "Kyracyst".
I am tagging Fat Doctor.

1. I love to make lists. It indulges two of my common activities: getting more organized and procrastinating.
2. I really should be completing my dicatations rather than making this list.
3. When I was six, I had a pet anole and a pet skunk. The skunk nearly bit off my thumb and the anole's tail came off. Then we got a dog.
4. My mother used to sell Playtex bras door-to-door. She later became a social worker.
5. I have never ridden a camel, elephant, or giraffe. I don't really want to.
6. When I was 13 I could get into the movies for the under-12 rate. When I was 14, I could get served at The Tavern.
7. I'm really not that anti-social.
8. Robert A. Heinlein is more favorite author; Vonnegut is second. I also like to re-read Marvin Minsky.
9. I try not to show my disdain for people who bring their whole grocery cart to the self-checkout; and for people who can't figure out how to use the ATM.
10. I really like what I do. I'd do it for free if I didn't need money.
11. Recently, I've been listening to They Might Be Giants, 808 State, the Boomtown Rats, and Kansas. iPods are the best thing since sliced bread.
12. I admire people who perform selfless, anonymous acts. Okay, it's not easy to find these people, but I still admire them.
13. I've been meaning to put an ad on Craig's List for trumpet lessons. I bought one 2 months ago and want to learn how to play.
14. I prefer Coke to Pepsi.
15. I always leave the tips of french fries. I don't know why.
16. I like to leave my change in vending machines because little things, like finding money in the coin return, can really brighten someone's day.
17. After my second year of medical school, I took five weeks riding up to Nova Scotia and back in a Jeep Wrangler, with no doors or roof, and a big metal locker bolted to where the back seats should have been. I camped all the way. That was one of the best summers I ever had.
18. I'd like to get a Jeep Wrangler, but I can't until I have a garage, as I know I'll never put the roof on.
19. I have a hard time completing tasks.


Fat Doctor said...

Dang you crazy docs! OK, I'll get to work on it. This meme thing is a social virus! It's like HIV, hep B, hep C and HPV all rolled into one nasty package. Interesting, though. :)

Sarebear said...

Very interesting.

Although Roy's lack of a 20 is driving me batty, which is probably the point. But then at the very least I have "OCD features" lol, which makes my FACE sound like it looks funny . . . repeatedly.

20 is easier than the list of 100 things about me meme I did once, that I never finished either cause I ran out of focus.

FooFoo5 said...

So, conceivably, we could drive to the Clapton concert in an open Wrangler with Rammstein cranked and ClinkShrink in the box bolted to the floor. Who would have thought?

Dinah said...

Poor Clink will clank if she's boxed and bolted.

Everytime I try to go on FooFoo's blog, my computer freezes; I've tried from 2 different and unrelated machines. Very weird.

ClinkShrink said...

As long as you throw me occasional chocolate I'd be good to go. I'd rather go to Newfoundland though. My favorite vacation was a week in a little cabin in the woods on the Canadian border. I saw a bear but fortunately was not carrying chocolate at the time. Or a duck.

Rammstein, KMFDM or Pig is fine.