Sunday, April 21, 2013


We had an impromptu get together to celebrate our blog's 7th anniversary.

If you like statistics: 1884 posts, 20,153 comments, and  2,065,618 pageviews

There's the My Three Shrinks podcast with 69 episodes, trying for more but our updated computers don't jive with our mixer anymore and there are some issues with the hosting site. 
We have collateral blogs on Clinical Psychiatry News and Psychology Today.
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Finally, do consider reading our Shrink Rap Book or any of Dinah's shrinky novels Here.

Thank you again for being in our lives, and I am so sorry to report that the cake is all gone.


Sarebear said...

I recommend those books! They're just ducky . . .

(groaner, but hey, it's been awhile since I pulled a pun, here, and I don't want the muscle to atrophy . . although perhaps it has lol)

jesse said...

Dinah, you neglected to tell us if it was a chocolate cake. And where did you get it? The icing decoration is exquisite!

Dinah said...

Jesse, the cake inside was chocolate.
It came from Wegman's with most of the decorations --the piping and flowers-- but I added the duck and the number 7. You didn't know I was so talented, did you?