Sunday, January 20, 2013

Shrink Rappers Top Clinical Psychiatry News

The list of the top ten most frequently viewed articles for 2012 in Clinical Psychiatry News just came out, and the Shrink Rappers are well represented with three posts by each of us. Here they are, in the order of "most viewed":

1. Is Ketamine the Next Big Thing for Depression? (by Roy)

2. The Aurora Shootings: Why The Mental Health Community Must Show Restraint (by me)

3. It's Time to Stop Strip Searching Patients (by Dinah)

I thought that given our blog readers' input and thoughts on our various posts over the years, I should let you guys know that your comments have helped shape what we write about as well as our opinions over the years. Apparently, the psychiatric community at large is listening too, if the Clinical Psychiatry News stats are any indication.

So....keep reading, keep commenting and thank you for helping us write.



Anonymous said...

you linked to to them through the clinical psych archives, which makes them not viewable unless a member. can you link to the original blog posts?

Also probably worth noting that none of the top posts were about billing.

Dinah said...

We can't. CPN began passwording their site a few weeks ago. They have gotten a number of rants from me. And my guess is that billing posts aren't in the top because they were posted after CPN started passwording, even the APA Assembly Speaker couldn't get in to look at them.

We are very pleased, however. We're one of a group of bloggers and our material isn't front page stuff, so this is nice to see that people are going into the site to read our stuff!

I, too, am very disappointed that CPN has made it difficult to read their site.

jesse said...

But cannot anyone join the site? I don't think it is restricted. Just sign up.

ClinkShrink said...

Registration is free, anyone can join, and so far I don't think they've sent me any spam (a big requirement for me when creating a site logon).

Anonymous said...

Ugh, definitely not worth creating a login to another site. Did you not post them on this site as well - can't you just link to them? I'm really not interested in creating a login to yet another site. Though I'm glad you haven't yet received spam, Clink, I don't much believe that.