Saturday, December 24, 2011

NYT: Story about Antonio Lambert and Peer Counseling

This is a great story about turning around ones life with addiction and mental illness, giving back by training others to do peer counseling, which is such a proven strategy that Medicaid will pay for it.
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From The New York Times:
LIVES RESTORED : After Drugs and Dark Times, Helping Others to Stand Back Up
The mental health care system has long made use of former patients as counselors, like Antonio Lambert, an ex-convict turned mental health educator in Delaware.


Carrie said...

This brings to mind an episode of "Scrubs" - albeit not one of success with the peer counseling model, as the leader of the group had everyone bring in their drugs from home and turn them over to him (so he could take them).

I think there is good and bad to peer relationships in addiction. Sometimes everyone is in everyone else's business too much and to the point of gossip and competition, but other times, it seems helpful.

Roy said...

Missed that one. But you are right about the pros and cons.