Thursday, September 29, 2011

This Little Piggy

I'm dedicating this post to Roy because I wouldn't be in the least bit surprised if one day he announces he's raising pigs.

In yesterday's Baltimore Sun there was an article about two pigs who were living around an office park.  What's this got to do with psychiatry?  Oh, my, I will leave that one to you.  Luke Broadwater writes:

The first pig, a female, was captured last week with nets, animal control officials said. Both pigs were taken into custody in the 600 block of Hammonds Ferry Road.
Karen Gower, manager at the Red Wing Shoes store near where the pigs were apprehended, said her employees are going to miss the animals, which they used to watch regularly. One of her employees, she said, was feeding them.

"We understand they had to take them, but we're kind of sad to see them go," she said. "They would lay there stretched out like a dog under a tree for hours."

Animal Control Officer Glenn Johnson and Jim Bennett of the Department of Natural Resources were praised by officials Wednesday for pulling off the capture of the second pig, which involved the use of tranquilizers. Officers were concerned about the pig's safety, they said.

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