Monday, December 27, 2010

Most Popular Shrink Rap Posts of 2010

This is Roy's job, but he's otherwise occupied. He'd do a better job, I promise. Here's my quick and dirty list of our most popular posts this year:

What's a Psychiatric Emergency? 2/8/10

Prescribing Psychotherapy 12/13/10

ObamaMama it's Health Care Reform 3/27/10

Is it Malpractice to Lie? 3/17/10

Are In-Network Shrinks Better Shrinks? 2/14/10

What's Your Favorite Shrink Book? 5/21/10

What Makes Mental Illness Bad? 10/13/10

Shopping Spree 4/8/10

Unhinged: The Trouble With Psychiatry: Book Review 5/10/10

Saving Normal 3/3/10

Unrelated to the New Year, but the all-time most popular Shrink Rap post:


Rach said...

Hi D,C,R - Just as an FYI, the first two links don't work.

Happy Holidays!

Dinah said...

Thanks, Rach-- fixed it!

Happy New yEar!

Sarebear said...

Those are my top memories of this blog and the discussions here, this year. Love this place!

Dinah said...

Thank you, Sarebear. We're lucky to have you as such a devoted reader. All the best to you and your family for a healthy and happy new year!

Sarebear said...

Thank YOU, Dinah (and Clinkshrink, and Roy).

I'll settle for a job for my husband, health insurance, and a lessening in my constant pain; not even a cessation, just decrease it, please! These are my fondest wishes.

Anonymous said...

D,S and A,

Hope you had a good year. Happy newish year.