Friday, June 18, 2010

Ron Artest: Shout Out To The Shrink!

Okay, so my gang wanted the Celtics to win. But then Lakers player Ron Artest thanked the people in his hood, his family, and his psychiatrist! You can watch the video above.

From Puggle:

The famous player of Lakers, Ron Artest thanked his psychiatrist. Ron Artest delivered a surreal interview after winning the seventh game of the ‘National Basketball Association’ finals. He showed his gratitude to his supporters in the interview. After thanking his neighborhood buddies, his family, his wife and his children, he surprised everyone by thanking his doctor and his psychiatrist (a daring confession). Even Dennis Rodman did not dare do such kind of act.

At the final and the most important moments of the game, Kobe Bryant passed the ball to Ron Artest and Artest displayed his career building shot.
After thanking his family, his family friends, his dear ones and his wife and children, Ron Artest stunned everyone by thanking his psychiatrist. In fact, he expressed his thanks twice. He stated that his psychiatrist had a lot to do with his success. He added that his psychiatric consultant helped him a lot in staying calm, relaxed and focused. Furthermore Ron Artest added that his psychiatric analyst cleared his mind and offered him a perspective of lucid ‘Visualization’. The scenario resembled the famous Hollywood flick “The Love Guru” in which the ice hockey player thanked his Guru for his words of wisdom.


Sarebear said...

Just what I was thinking, Tracy!

Of course, It's been uncharacteristically so, here, the last few days . . . .


tracy said...

Smirk, Sarebear ;)