Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Belated Birthday, Victor!

Dear Victor,

I'm sorry I forgot to wish you happy birthday on the actual date. I hear you were rock climbing with ClinkShrink and hurt your knee, so I hope you are okay.

I would email you, but I'm at the hospital, and the computer here does not let me access my email addressbook. I've never understood why that is. I would put up a picture for you of pretty rocks or of a birthday cake, but the computer here doesn't let me transfer images.

I would call you, but you don't have a phone. This is a psychiatry blog, not a birthday blog, so perhaps here is where we can find a psychiatric theme in your cell-phone-free state. What does it mean when someone doesn't own a cell phone? It has to mean something, right? WWFS? (What would Freud say?). Would Freud have a cell phone? I called your landline and sang, in my own tone deaf sort of way, but you didn't answer that either.

Happy Birthday, Victor. Let's eat!


Aqua said...

(Note: I do get why some people need cell phones, but I also wonder how these items became to important in our lives, and wonder what people miss out on in the moment because they are so obssessed with their phones)

My sis and I think...When somebody doesn't own a cell phone it means they are engaged in "real life"(i.e. the life surrounding them in their near vicinity). It means the people and places they are with and at in any given time, the things happing in their lives in that moment are more important than answering the phone.

My sister and I always laugh that people find it so urgent and important to answer the phone all the time. I am perplexed by how much time young people spend texting, even while they are with other people.

My ex-husband used to became angry if I wouldn't run a get the phone when it rang. To me the phone is there for me to answer/check messages when it is convenient for me. It was never meant to take over large parts of my day.

...just my humble opinion...aqua

Anonymous said...

after reviewing the literature i find a study which indicates that not owning a cell phone is a desperate cry by the patient for some charming woman with hot giraffe earrings to take him out to lunch for the goose liver pate, french pinot noir, and witty repartee at petit louis.

if the patient lacks a facebook account in addition, dessert and espresso should be administered.

Dinah said...

I have my technology issues. Going without sounds way too sane.

Beware of anyone who would wear giraffe earrings.

Anonymous said...

i just ate the best strawberry i've ever had. ever.

Sarebear said...

What about dolphin earrings?

Ooo, strawberries!

I'm having a Dairy Queen Chocolate Covered Strawberry Blizzard, which is ALMOST melting faster than I can eat it in this desert heat!!! Right now it's tasting better than any strawberry I can remember . . . . . mmmmmm . . . .

Dinah said...

I'm sorry. It has to be giraffe earrings. Those are the rules.
I like giraffes.

Sarebear said...

AhA! You are a giraffe nut, like I'm nuts for dolphins. I SEE how things are, now.


Very cute, those giraffes.