Thursday, June 24, 2010


Posted for ClinkShrink:

OK, so here's the rat story:

Dinah, Roy and I were walking down
Bourbon Street at midnight during the APA conference. (Three psychiatrists REALLY didn't fit in down there, even though we were wearing duck necklaces.) All of the sudden this huge rat ran out of an alley about two feet in front of us. Dinah screamed and did one of those cartoon-like "peddling in the air" jumps, then turned and ran. Roy and I were in hysterics. We all got back safely. Not sure what happened to the rat.


The Girl said...

I'm sure the rat got over it's hurt feelings and went on to live a fully and ratty life. :P

moviedoc said...

shrink rat

Anonymous said...

You get used to them after a while. They're all over the New York City subway system.

thecrazymusiclady said...

We had our regional music therapy conference in NOLA a few years ago, bourbon street was a blast, but I saw no rats

Dinah said...

The Girl: I hate rats.
Moviedoc: not me.
Anon: Never
CrazyMusicLady: 5 years in NYC, the rats all stayed on the tracks when I was around.
Quodri: Roy says he couldn't agree more.

tracy said...

Oh, how i wish i could have been there! Were you r e a l l y wearing ducky necklaces?

That is what i really would have wanted to see!

Anonymous said...

9 years in NYC and I see them on the sidewalks and regularly on the subway platforms. Once saw a guy kick a rat off the platform onto the tracks. Rat seemed unharmed. For some reason I prefer the rats to the pigeons. But I confess, when I first moved to NYC, I shrieked more than once at the sight of a rat.

Sarebear said...

Bwa ha hahahaha!!

I think I'd have been in the "Dinah" role had I been there.

My hubby would have been laughing his head off.

Of course, I don't think my anxiety disorders would have LET me be on Bourbon Street at Midnight, but . . .