Monday, March 15, 2010

Dinah's Away, Clink Will Play

So Dinah has gone off on vacation and left Roy and I in charge of the blog. Doesn't she know what a really really bad idea that is??

The day started off with her calling me to help with a computer problem. Dinah wanted to download a movie to watch on her iPod on the plane. No problem, except that she needed to upgrade iTunes to do this. She downloaded iTunes but for some reason it didn't install (she later asked me which password she was supposed to enter during the install process, that may have been part of the problem). So I talked her through the upgrade and told her how to open system preferences and get to the software upgrade control panel:

"Go down to the bottom of the screen until the little launch bar pops up. Then click on the little picture that looks like a gear."

"Deer??" Dinah said. "I don't have any deer!"

"No no, click on the gear," I said. "Gear with a 'g'." I'm hollering this into the dashboard of my car as I'm trying to drive on the beltway in the rain. I wonder if my other tech savvy friends (meaning Roy) end up in situations like this, trying to solve computer problems from memory while multitasking other things. I also wonder how I'm going to teach Dinah how to use GarageBand so she can edit our podcasts when she gets lost looking for deer on her laptop. O gods of computer tech support, have mercy!

Well, she got the upgrade done, went to iTunes and bought her movie then found out it was going to take two hours to download. At that point my tech support was done. I don't know if she ever got her movie or not, but I do know I'm going to schedule an entire afternoon for the GarageBand training.


Anonymous said...

Oh i am sorry Clink, Dinah usually gets much more comments on her posts than you!!I am just teasing, b/c no one commented on your post.. but i think it is interesting. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Deer, geer, it still insisted I needed the latest iTunes even after I installed it.
Greetings from the middle east.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the laugh!

Anonymous said...

I laughed reading this post. And Dinah, don't feel bad for the two hour download. While on vacation in Mexico, my daughter downloaded a TV show to her ipod (that she HAD to watch) and it took 8 hours!! Seriously!! 8 hours for Orange County Housewives.

Enjoy your vacation ... Middle East ... be careful!