Sunday, March 07, 2010

My Three Shrinks Podcast 49: Pixelated Psychiatrists

For today's podcast we have guest psychiatrist Dr. Pat Barta talking about telepsychiatry, telemedicine and all things neuroimaging. We ponder how licensure works for telepsychiatry, whether or not you can get reimbursed for it, what the difference is between a face-to-face evaluation versus a telephone interview and why we don't yet have an iPhone app to diagnose schizophrenia. All of these topics (and more) can be found on Dr. Barta's blog Adventures in Telepsychiatry.

We talk about Pauline Chen's article in the New York Times: "Are Doctors Ready for Virtual Visits?"

Roy, Dinah, Pat and Clink discuss electronic health records and who should have the rights to our personal health information. I'm including a link to the Speak Flower web site, an organization dedicated to promoting patient-controlled health information systems.

We also hear from Dinah's new dog. Please go to iTunes and write a review.

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Dinah said...

My family members all feel that this is an unflattering photo of the dog...."He looks like a corgi".... please ask the Shrink Rap readers to note that the dog is not a corgi. Thank you.

Sunny CA said...

The aspect of telepsychiatry that bothers me is that if the laws would not be carefully written the doors might be open to 3rd-world psychiatrists pedaling cheap consultations over the phone. Once 3rd world pricing structures are competing with current rates, would insurance companies disallow the face-to-face visits we have today or grant a $15 credit for the visit?

Your dog is cute and does not look like a Corgi to me.

Anonymous said...

Yay... I'm so happy the podcast is back!