Saturday, September 19, 2009

Carl Jung in Tomorrow's New York Times Magazine

Ya gotta love the internet--- you get to be "the most emailed" before you're even published. So tomorrow's NY Times Magazine has an article about Jung and the little red book. I started, but I'll save the rest for the joy of Sunday mornings and coffee (and the dream of lox and fresh bagels if anyone would like to drop them by my house). Here's an excerpt from Sara Corbett's "The Holy Grail of the Unconscious":

THIS COULD SOUND, I realize, like the start of a spy novel or a Hollywood bank caper, but it is rather a story about genius and madness, as well as possession and obsession, with one object — this old, unusual book — skating among those things. Also, there are a lot of Jungians involved, a species of thinkers who subscribe to the theories of Carl Jung, the Swiss psychiatrist and author of the big red leather book. And Jungians, almost by definition, tend to get enthused anytime something previously hidden reveals itself, when whatever’s been underground finally makes it to the surface.

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