Sunday, June 14, 2009

Tweets from Iran about Election more Enlightening Than Mainstream News

There is better coverage of what is happening in Iran on Twitter than there is on mainstream news.  Check out tweets from change_for_iran for on-the-ground reporting.

Also, check out
for up-to-the-minute tweets about this pro-democracy uprising.

Pretty amazing to see protests like this in a country that is so regressive. Change is in the air.

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Oh, on another note, I really enjoyed watching this lone dancing dude catalyze a huge dance thing.  Worth watching all the way through.  Shows the power that one individual can have to affect change.


Anonymous said...

The "lone dancing dude" video has all the hallmarks of it being a preplanned flash mob, not a spontaneous event. I have seen lots of spontaneous dancing at music events and people do not coming running to join and there isn't a video camera conveniently pointed at the focal point of the dancing. It reminded me of this more thought out but enjoyable flash mob scene:

another favorite of mine:

and this one:

Rach said...

I have to admit that I love the song from the lone dancing dude video.
Great running song (and lone dancing song for dudes and dudettes!)
-->Unstoppable - the remix by drake ft. little wayne <--

Roy said...

Anon, You are absolutely right. I didn't even think about that, that people would set something like that up. Color me gullible. I still like it, though.

Anonymous said...

flash mob, or people are lemmings...

Anonymous said...

I am the same anon. as the 1st responder:

Roy, I would not have picked up on it being a flash mob if I had not seen the others. The first one I watched was the first I linked to above with the Sound of Music audio in an Austrian train station. The first watching I thought that actual bystanders had joined in until I ran through a few more times and saw how well coordinated the dancing was. I love flash mob events (on video) since I consider them to be a form of performance art. I almost joined the pillow fight in SF this year on Valentine's Day, but it's an hour away and was cold, damp.