Friday, February 13, 2009

Twitter Twitter Tweet Tweet

What has my life come to? It's 10:30 on a Friday night and I have an uncontrollable urge to blog. Please someone, get me a life. And the energy to move on a Friday night.

So here goes: a tech post by Dinah. Wish me luck.

I'm reading the NYTimes on line and there's a piece by David Pogue: Twitter? It's What You Make It.

I read and I read and I could swear this David Pogue guy is ROY! It sounds like Roy, it smells like Roy, it talks like Roy, it Twitters like Roy. Roy wants me to Twitter me (is that nasty??) but I've said no, I'm married. Now it seems he wants to Twitter you, if you look at our sidebar. I totally don't get it, nor do I understand why the top of our side bar has a link to Shrink Rap with Bacon (I'm not linking it). Next he'll want to be my BFF. Oy.

And the cartoon above is so ClinkShrink won't feel left out.

I'm off to eat twinkies now. Those I understand.


Anonymous said...

I had previously read that NY Times article. I haven't even gotten off the ground with FaceBook or MySpace (I have 3 friends on Facebook), I don't have a blog, don't have a YouTube video posted, I have never even sent a TEXT message for goodness sake, and now they come out with something new again. When will it end? (OK. I know that answer: never).

Roy said...

Yeah, I can't seem to get into Facebook either. Though I do follow @pogue, @leolaporte, and @therealdvorak on twitter.

Anonymous said...

just started twittered and like Twinkies - it's addictive.

pemdas said...

Facebook is an easy way for me to stay connected to a core group of folks. I don't accept friend requests from just any Roy, Dinah, or Clink :) Its great way for my daughter (who is somewhere in South America studying for the next year) to keep us up on her adventures and so on.

Twitter is more stream of consciousness for me.

I love all the different technological options available to connect to friends (and others). Yesterday, a friend and I were chatting on our respective iPhones as she drove down the interstate, hundreds of miles away. She say "do you realize that 15 years ago we wouldn't have been having this conversation? You thought long and hard before making a cell phone call (if you even had a cell phone) because it was sooo expensive. "

Sarebear said...

Well, in online gaming speak, you might not understand twinkies either, hee.

wetnurse said...

I think your energy-deficient Friday nights are directly related to work in the mental health field. Many of us suffer from it. Mine lasts all weekend.

Anonymous said...

I don't get Twitter either. I'm mid 20s.

It seems like the whole blogging about your breakfast thing. Or maybe a stalker's wet dream.