Monday, February 09, 2009

GotGigs? How many gigs are in YOUR pocket?

It occurred to me recently that most of us carry a fair about of memory devices around in our pockets, purses, and belts.  I pointed out to Dinah at dinner recently my new 16GB thumb drive (, $25).  After making some sort of dirty crack, I realized that I typically carry around over 40GB of memory on my person (new 16gig thumb drive, old 8gig thumb drive, 1GB thumb drive on keychain, 16GB iPhone 3G, and my Treo has a 500MB flash memory card in it).

So, I want to know... How many gigs are in YOUR pocket?
Let us know below.  Then post a picture of your gigs to Flickr, using the tag "gotgigs".  I'll put the pics here (as soon as I figure out how to do a flickr gadget).


Anonymous said...

How old are you? 12?

Seriously, "most of us"? Is that including the elderly ladies, the toddlers, the people who don't judge their self-worth by how current-gen their shiny new over-priced over-styled fruit-branded mp3 player is?

Am I going to use a single sentence here that isn't a question? Or am I just so incredulous at your statement that I'm going to sit here open-mouthed typing a list of questions?
With love from February the tenth.

Anonymous said...

You will win the most techie award, I'd guess. After I bought my Mini-iPod I DOWNGRADED twice until I got the iPod little clip-on no screen. That's the perfect size, but even that mostly stays home. If my phone has memory I have no idea what it might be. You ought to have included 0 as a category since mostly I have NO gadgets. If I know I need to transfer data computer to computer I have 2gb.

Anonymous said...

i normally carry my external HD around, which in total gives me too many GB to fit within the range of the survey =)

Anonymous said...

It's like the Freudian version of "look how big mine is..." especially when Roy pulls out these little stick things under the table and whispers about 'look what I just got and how many gigasomethings' it has.'

I have a Palm and a thrice-submerged cellphone. I don't do memory or giga things or rams or any of it.
But I am hungry and may go make some bacon and eggs.

Dragonfly said...

Am guessing that guys *may* dominate the higher gigabytage of this...possibly so they can all sit around saying "my hard drive is bigger than yours".

Anonymous said...

Ouch, apologies for the snippy comment I left earlier. As you may have guessed from the February the tenth thing, it was early hours of the morning and my irritable side came out!

Roy said...

nf, apology accepted. And I assure you, I'm at least 13.

It's not the size (as in power or genital-equivalent) that intrigues me. It's the idea that we have developed this relationship with our silicon symbiants, one which has "most of us" carrying around dozens of microchips (a typical device may have several chips in it), whether they be in watches, pagers, cellphones, hearing aids, thumb drives, even pacemakers.

I mean, the Encyclopedia Britannica was about 250MB, so one can fit 32 sets of encyclopedias on an 8gig memory stick. It boggles my mind.

sjir, I was afraid of that. have to add an option for >320 GB (yes, and one for zero, anon).

And, Dinah Freud, sometimes a hard drive is just a hard drive.

Sarah said...

I have a microSD card in my phone. I think it holds up to 16 GB. I do have a card reader which I carry around sometimes, which I switch SD cards with.