Sunday, February 15, 2009

Escape To New York

OK, I'm out of prison. After a few months of listening to guys talk about stabbing people, firebombing houses and other general nasty things, I've escaped to New York. I walked through Central Park, saw a couple art galleries and went to a Broadway play (Speed The Plow, it was great). Oh yeah, and had some delicious food.

So now I'm blogging from the Mac-users mecca, the Fifth Avenue Apple store. The one that looks like a big glass cube. I've just bought my new 16 gigabyte iPod touch and am happy as a clam. Yes, I'm out of prison...and mildly out of control in this store. I've got pictures to send my co-bloggers.

And now a request---soon there is a play opening here called Zombie. It's about a serial killer. They're giving discount tickets to folks interested in forensic psychiatry. I'm going to be gone before it opens. I need somebody to see this thing and post a review. Thanks


Fat Doctor said...

New York City is my alltime favorite place. Have a great time, eat some great food, enjoy that iPod Touch and take in some plays. Sorry I can't preview that play for you, sounds like a great time...Zombie!

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful vacation!

itsjustme said...

I'm glad you're having a nice time in NYC, Clink. I also saw Speed the Plow and thought it was great. I just love William H. Macy!! I have a major theatre addiction, so I most likely will be seeing Zombie and will let you know what I think. I wish that you saw Equus, as I would be interested to hear a psychiatrist's thoughts on that show.

BTW, my office is right around the corner the that Apple store. Enjoy the rest of your vacation!!

Sarebear said...

Hi Clink! I thought of you on my most recent post - I thought you might find what I found, interesting. An interesting slice of life, as it were.

Baaaad pun, heh. REALLY bad. You ought to appreciate that . . .

I remember NYC . . . I wandered away from a Junior High School Field trip years ago and went a block over to I think a bookstore or something with a "friend", I kept saying we were gonna get in trouble . . . . thing is no one ever noticed we were gone.

Scary, huh.