Thursday, October 09, 2008

We're in Psychiatric News!

I wish my co-bloggers would come back, I'm suddenly tired of holding up the blog on my own.'s okay if I whine?

So we're in a story in Psychiatric News on Psychiatrists in the Blogosphere. The interviewed Roy, but please do note that the man pictured is not our Roy.


Anonymous said...

Way cool! Congratulations!

You know this means you have to keep the blog and podcasts going now, right?

But who is Roy? I've seen an occasional article and comment from someone by that name, but he doesn't seem to be much in evidence lately.

I thought I saw someone named ClinkShrink post in the comments not too long ago, too.

Gotta go check out the Psychiatric Times site to see if you're online yet. I'll bet some nice guy named Ron Pies is behind this.

Unknown said...

Congratulations. When I saw the article I felt way cool since I already knew about this cool set of docs.

shraddha said...

Seriously Anonymous?You do not know the blog authors?


What do we readers have to do?
Then they will start?
This blog holiday has extended too long!
Please blog soon!

With Regards,

shraddha said...

Also congratulations for the article ofcourse!


Anonymous said...


Also, good work on keeping up the blog alone! The others have not been missed you've been doing so well!

The Girl said...

We really appreciate your posts, Dinah! :D

Anonymous said...

Shruti, I was kidding.

Dr. A said...

Congrats on the article! I'm eagerly awaiting the reunion tour of you and Roy and Clink. I know it's going to happen. "The Return of Shrink Rap!"

Anonymous said...

Its ok Anonymous!
Its not the first time i didn't get a joke around here!:):)

Also i am no Psychiatrist, i am from patient population, so you have to be lenient!


Anonymous said...

Not to worry, Shruti, I'm from the patient population, too. We can be lenient with each other.

I should have put a smiley face on my post... no animosity intended, I swear. :)

Roy said...

My eyebrows are not that bushy.

Anonymous said...


A question:

Why does my psychiatrist do the following?:

I tell him I am feeling really, really bad. In the past he has told me I have a face that is hard to read though after more than a year he can read me better than anyone else. I try to be as expressive as I can be. Still I struggle to communicate how I am feeling. I try to explain. A sentence or so later, my psychiatrist changes the subject and asks me about politics or a concert he knew I was going to. We went through this 3 times in today's session. I had a hard time shifting gears to a neutral topic. Is he using the conversation about "nothing" to try to evaluate how I feel in a different way? He's been a psychotherapist over 40 years so I generally think he knows what's best, but today I felt that he wasn't giving me enough time to try to express my feelings. Maybe he DID get it because he said I can call him anytime this weekend and he doesn't usually say that though I know that option is open. I just found it frustrating and off-putting today especially because I never did manage to get me feelings into words.

Anonymous said...

>>I wish my co-bloggers would come back, I'm suddenly tired of holding up the blog on my own.'s okay if I whine?<<

(Apologies if you've covered this topic before or if you think it not worthy of comment.

How about getting your readers to do some work...(winks)
I was wondering about fictional psychiatrists.... are they accurately portrayed? What are your thoughts, people?
Wiki has a list but I also found this reference.


Anonymous said...

Me again, getting the ball rolling...

Melfi is the one that springs to mind for me and then I read this ....

"In HBO’s “The Sopranos,” James Gandolfini, right, playing Tony Soprano, makes regular trips to his therapist, Dr. Jennifer Melfi, played by Lorraine Bracco. Real-life therapists were so delighted with Dr. Melfi that Bracco received an award from the American Psychoanalytic Association."



Anonymous said...

I like the guy in 'in treatment'

I do not like the transference - counter-transference game with the Anesthesiologist though!I did like how the relationship ended!

Roy, we know your eyebrows are not bushy!We had the 'faxplilot' show! remember!:)


Anonymous said...

Another weekend goes by, and my iTunes searches in vain for a My Three Shrinks update.

Roy tantalizes us with a tiny comment just to say he doesn't have two wallabies nesting on his eyebrows.

ClinkShrink boasts of new horizons and new fun, like a girlfriend breaking the news that she's found someone new.

Dinah soldiers on, but sounds like she's feeling the burden of going it alone.

These are not good signs.

Come back to us, Shrinks Three. We've come in our ... dozens, at least, I must imagine ... from SciAm Mind and Pscyh News and the Carnival. We've enjoyed your past work. But now that you've whetted our apetite, you leave us bereft.

Come back!