Sunday, May 18, 2008

You Puzzle Me

Now that we have a couple years of blogging under our belts, I thought I'd do a little pop quiz for you folks who have stuck with us from the beginning. Click on the link below to go to the Shrink Rap Crossword to test your knowledge of Shrink Rap trivia. You can print out the web page and do the crossword at your leisure.

For people who want to brush up with a quick review first, I recommend these links:

Psych Notes For Smilies
My Planned Nervous Breakdown
True Confessions
Shrinks On Segs

Now get to it!
Click on the red link below for

Shrink Rap Puzzle

Note from Dinah: I love it!! Interactive silliness. You ate too many birthday mushrooms!! Also, please take our sidebar poll.

for me, back to coffee and the New York Times.

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