Monday, May 26, 2008

Sex With Fish, Revisited

Some fish are Journey fish. Some fish are Destination fish. Some fish taste good. Most fish don't have sex and I'm not sure what to say about the fishy version of inter-fish intimacy. Generally, people do not have sex with fish, but I suppose to each his own.

Why is Dinah rambling?

Okay, so every Monday, we get a report of our site visits, our referral sources, a map of the country with shades of green depicting how many readers from how many states: Thank you, California, where the most Shrink Rap readers hail from. We usually have readers from every state, though some weeks, no one visits from South Dakota or Montana or somewhere around there.

We know what people Google that gets them to us. 'Shrink Rap' is one thing. But week after week, for years now, every report lists "Sex with Fish" as one of the top five most Googled terms for a referral to Shrink Rap. Every week. I now look for it. I've Googled "sex with fish." I don't get it. Reef-fish change sex (although I think this might mean gender, so any Reef Fish visiting Shrink Rap should please check off "In Transition" on our Gender Poll on the side bar.

I just thought I'd welcome anyone who was here looking for Sex With Fish. You've found the right place.


Awake and Dreaming said...

that, I find incredibly amusing. Who knew so many people could be interested in sex with fish...

April said...

well now that you have a post on it, it will be even more relevant to google results---way to go!

Anonymous said...


shraddha said...

Hello! from Phoenix! We are on a holiday.

I got 2 google searches for my blog till now
emily Gould exposed
and ces-d scale!
not bad!

Do not give up on my blog just yet!
In coming weeks we will be having guest bloggers.
One Psychiatrist trained in Asia talking about Spiritual Psychiatry
and other Psychiatrist trained in USA talking about some Psychopharmacology topic!

The Girl said...

Perhaps it is the same person, doing the same search, refusing to lose hope that someday, somehow, something will show up that will make everything about "sex with fish" clear. :D

Anonymous said...

I googled it- so you will get another hit next week. Apparently that was the title of a post by Clinkshrink on December 11, 2006. It was the first hit that came up with all three words. "sex fish" gets the post a number 2 spot, "sex and fish" puts it back at number one. "fish sex" is strictly ichthyology.

it was a good post.

ClinkShrink said...

Thank you. And it gives me rather perverse pleasure knowing that a post that seems to have nothing to do with psychiatry is most commonly linked to our blog.

Midwife with a Knife said...

I was thinking about sex and fish (who doesn't??), and your sex switching reef fish.... Anyway, I think that sex is the biological state (i.e. male or female, xy or xx (although they don't always coincide in the case of intersexed disorders), whereas gender is more of a social construct.

So, as I understand it, the "lesion" as it were in gender identity disorder is the one of someone's gender not matching their biological sex. For the record, I suspect it's a neurological disorder, and may have something to do with embryologic/fetal development.

Having said that, I'm really just rambling on about stuff I know little about.

jcat said...

So where do the umm interested parties come from?

Anonymous said...

From paris :)