Saturday, May 03, 2008

My Creepy Shrink Is On the Wall Street Journal Blog

Check out the Wall Street Journal Health Blog-- Thanks to Scott Hensley for writing about those mean psychiatrists. Most aren't, just so you know. But Cruella.....

My 15 minutes of Blog Fame, though I am quite glad that Cruella is well-disguised.

The Shrink Rappers are off to APA. The blog may be quiet for a few days.

Note to my co-bloggers: Clink, all my emails to you bounce back. And I dropped my phone into the toilet tonight...the SIM card is saved and I could transfer it, so you can call me, but most of my numbers haven't transferred, and I haven't figured out how to text on the temp phone. Call if you need me.


Rach said...

Dinah, you must put some velcro on your phone... I recall you dropped one of your last phones in a washing machine.
Have fun at the APA (:::shudder::: thousands of shrinks in one city - I'm glad I was out of the country when they held the APA here)

Anonymous said...

Do you always take your phone to the toilet? If so, do you answer it if it rings?

Zoe Brain said...

Roy - thanks for the insight into why you got into shrinkdom in your comment on the WSJ blog.

I confess I'm not best pleased with the APA at the moment. Their choice of panelists on the Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders Work Group includes two people who are best described as "controversial" to say the least. Both hail from the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health Toronto, otherwise known as "Jurassic Clarke".

Here's rather scathing (but factually accurate) views of Messrs Zucker and Blanchard.

Blanchard's program is more like a parole office than a therapeutic setting. It is a system based on mutual distrust, and treats gender variant clients like sex offenders. In fact, Blanchard's program uses the same halls, offices and staff for treating sex offenders. Imagine the dynamic that creates, especially for children. Following in the footsteps of his mentor Kurt Freund, he even subjects clients to the same sort of testing he uses on sex offenders (see plethysmograph: a disputed device).

Anonymous said...


Yes velcro. I've now submerged in a toilet, a bathtub, and in a bathtub. I need a waterproof phone. This is ridiculous.

Mindful: Never. I was in a loud restaurant at a party for one teenager. The other teenager never called after work, wasn't answering his phone, and was "missing in action" and I was getting worried (Roy things this is ridiculous that I worry when he doesn't call, Clink things he should be incarcerated) so I stuck the phone in my jeans pocket and it went where I went and I forgot where it was. The missing teenager did eventually call-- his battery had died while he was working and he claims to have called several times but he has religious objections to leaving voicemail (he overcomes those to request favors...).

Dr. Pink Freud said...
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Dr. Pink Freud said...

Dinah, for God's sake, buy a headset. "Hands-free" is the only safe way to navigate bathroom telephony.

Also, I can understand a man dropping a phone in a toilet. We're not so good at multi-tasking. ;-) But, a woman?

NeoNurseChic said...

Conga-rats on the blog post being picked up. :)

Have fun at the APA! Would love to be a fly on the wall at such a thing. I have been to large meetings - was at an American Headache Society scientific meeting once, and it was quite fascinating. I enjoy hearing the discourse.

Will be glad to read your posts once you've all returned.

Take care,
Carrie :)