Monday, April 07, 2008

Sidebar Poll on MAOIs

Something's slowing the loading time for Shrink Rap. One reader thought it was the latest podcast. Clink thinks it's the sidebar polls. So I'm posting the results and taking them down. I was surprised that we have so many readers who've taken MAOI's... and thanks for the comments on our post below.

Have You Ever Taken An MAOI?

26 (27%)
70 (72%)

Vote on this poll
Votes so far: 96

Did It Work?
14 (56%)
9 (36%)
Not Sure
2 (8%)

Votes so far: 25
Did You Have Any Adverse Reactions?
16 (61%)
10 (38%)

Vote on this poll
Votes so far: 26
Days left to vote: 2


ClinkShrink said...

That helped somewhat. It's still taking a while for the sidebar to load. Too many gadgets I think.

NeoNurseChic said...

Loaded more quickly today - honestly I thought it was just my browser.

Interesting poll. I said before that I voted in it, even though my use of MAOIs was for headache, not depression. If I ever see my psychiatrist again, I'm begging for a trial of wellbutrin. Anyway back to the MAOIs - I'd be curious to know just what sort of adverse reactions people experienced from the MAOIs. I voted "no" for that question as nothing bad happened to me while I was on parnate.

Take care,

Aqua said...

Thanks for trying, but it is still really slow so I don't think it is the sidebar polls because you had those before I I had no difficulties.

If it's any help, everytime I am waiting for the site to load at the bottom of my computer it says "waiting for" and a bunch of other stuff. Maybe it is what ever " is?

Roy said...

We do have a lot of crap on our sidebar. I'll try commenting out the Digg stuff. Then I would try the quantserve stuff, which is some kind of tracking, who visits our site sorta stuff. I only mention that one because when my browser is taking awhile to load, the status bar shows a site usually.

Let us know if it gets better or worse or no change. It may just be those internet gremlins.

Aqua said...

Thanks Roy,
It seems to be fixed, whatever you did. Your blog page is loading as fast as before. Thanks.

Dinah said...

Roy is sooooo good.

Anonymous said...

There wasn't an option for
*Would you be taking an maio if you shrink wasn't freaked out about them.

Roy said...

Good one, Dainty. I offered an MAOI to a pt last week. Declined, though it wasn't the diet. It was a concern that there might be a hard time finding a local outpt doc to rx it. (There was also a more general fear of trying something "new".)