Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Quiet Time

[posted by dinah, who finally got into the dashboard]

There are many people in my life-- even among those who love me--who would like just a little peace. "You talk too much." I've heard that at times. Oh, lots of times. An occupational hazard, I like to rationalize, of having to sit quietly and listen so much.

So now, even blogger, from 3 different computers, wants me silent. Surprisingly, I'm doing okay with it, waiting patiently for Clink & Roy to update us, biding my time. I've only had a few seizures, petite mal at that, and I'm almost caught up on LOST : up to beginning of the third season at any rate.

It's not that I have much to say, it's just that, well, that's never stopped me before.
Clink, Roy, any time it's safe to update to the new, improved, and postable Blogger, just say the word.....


DrivingMissMolly said...

I'm always disappointed whenever I check to see if Shrink Rap has been updated and there's nothing there.

I remind myself that other people (besides me) have lives.

I'm glad you wrote. Actually, I'm surprised at your alleged chatterboxiness. I would think that after listening to people talk all day you too would want silence.

I know how you feel. I taught third grade for one year and was always eager, even for a few seconds in the hall with the teacher next door. Adult conversation became cherished and craved. Of course, I loved my little ones, but there is only so much "Can I go to the bathroom" or "Can I sharpen my pencil?" You can take in one day. Not to mention repeating instructions at least one time per kid (16) or so it seemed.

So, what do you want to talk about?

I'm supposed to be in therapy right now but therapist cancelled. He called and told me he had to take his wife to the doc and asked if he could cancel. Of course, I said, "yes."

Do you have any romantic plans for Valentine's Day? On the other hand, maybe I don't want to know...too personal.

In early March will be the 1st anniversary of my divorce.

I wonder if any of you will post tomorrow, and if so, what you'll post.

Anyway, check out TLP's post on caffeine.


Sarebear said...

Yay Dinah!

My thanks to Lily on the post below wasn't mean to imply I was waiting around for others to miss me! I wasn't.

I just felt patronized, insulted, and hurt by Roy, and felt . . . sort of brushed off, like the dirt you brush off your shoulder.

Anyway, hi. Glad you could get in and post, I've been looking for a post from you, knowing that you've been trying to.

On a completely different note, and I know you can't do med advice, but just to say I'm FREAKED that lab results from my physical just came back w/elevated Liver results (one more than double the high end of the normal range!) Probably just the psych meds. Ahh, like you care anyway. I guess I just want someone to care that I'm freaked, lol.

sophizo said...

I'm actually surprised you guys aren't posting more today and even more tomorrow. It's not like the weather is letting you do anything else. You're lucky...at least you're not getting all the ice like we are. "The Shining" is is starting to come to mind. Yuck!

Stay safe if you go out on the roads tomorrow!


I frequently have to remind my beloved that there's a difference between 'talking to' and 'talking at.'

Midwife with a Knife said...

Call me crazy, but it appears that you're posting now?

Dinah said...

Thanks for the link to the shrink blog. I'm pretty talkative.

I hope your liver is okay. Try not to let things get to you.

Midwife w/ a knife: It does appear that way. I can get in at times from one computer if I try long and hard enough. I haven't figured out what contols this. It really wants me to update to New Blogger. Clink thinks my problem is that I'm our administrator.

Sophizo: I cancelled my plans to avoid the icy roads, thanks for the suggestion. Clink is in. My best guess is that Roy is out driving because he's a boy and they do that...

Seamonkey: I'll talk to, I'll talk at, I'm not picky. An occasional randomly inserted Uh-Huh is all it takes to keep me going.

Roy: for my Valentine's Day Gift, can you finish our Why I Love Being a Shrink post????

Sarebear said...

Thanks Dinah.